Signage - Chemical Safety Program

Signage is one of the easiest ways to communicate which hazards are present in a given area, and partially fulfils an employee's right to know. Lakehead has initiated a program to standardize hazardous material signage on Campus to make it easier for employees, visitors, and emergency personnel to be aware of hazards prior to entering any spaces containing hazardous materials on campus.  These signs will be produced by the Office of Human Resources - Health and Safety with information provided by the laboratory occupants.  These signs must not be altered, if changes are required, a new sign will be generated.

Three types of signage are currently being used on campus:

Hazardous Materials Signs - What is on the Sign?

  • Hazmat coding system (coloured diamond)– this system utilizes colours and numbers to alert external emergency personnel of the presence and severity of any hazardous materials contained in an area.  Record the highest numbers found on the SDS for any chemical found in the laboratory.
  • WHMIS symbols– these symbols will depict the categories for the hazardous materials contained in an area, and should be familiar to members of the University community.  All hazard categories contained in the lab must be recorded on this sign.
  • Contact information– This will give information on how to contact those that need to be notified in case of an emergency in this area.  Emergency numbers must be provided (will not be posted on the sign) to share with Security Services.
  • Laser Use - Use of any Class 3B or 4 laser must be noted on the sign.

Example of signage for laboratory doors depicting hazards and protective measures required


How To Order Your Sign

Fill out the information form located here, providing as much information as possible and return it to the Human Resources Office. We will send you your completed sign to be mounted on all doors outside of the area containing hazardous materials.

Unsure How to Find the Information Needed?
Check your SDS sheets – they will provide you information on the hazard classes and the NFPA fire rating. Report the largest NFPA rating numbers for each category of hazardous materials found in your area.
Contact Human Resources for assistance, if you need it, extension 8806.

Housekeeping Instructions

Communication between area occupants and our housekeeping staff is vital to prevent their exposure to hazardous materials. As our housekeepers may work after regular business hours, they may not be able to ask questions about the hazards contained in each area. It is therefore important to leave clear instructions regarding which tasks are safe to do and which are not. This information must be displayed on all outer doors to areas containing hazardous materials.

Workplace Labels

WHMIS legislation requires hazardous materials to be labelled when transferred into worksite containers. These labels must include:

  • Name of the Product
  • Safe Handling Instructions
  • Reference to MSDS

To request Workplace labels, contact the Office of Human Resources - Health and Safety