Lakehead University Work Study Program (LUWSP-FW) Fall/Winter

The LUWSP-FW provides part-time employment opportunities to eligible undergraduate students during the academic year (fall/winter). These positions provide students with an invaluable opportunity to work with, and be mentored by Lakehead University faculty and staff.

The LUWSP-FW is an opportunity for departments and faculties to employ a student's talents for part-time employment (10 hours/week is recommended) through the provision of a $1,000 per semester maximum subsidy (includes wage and payroll deductions).

All payroll costs are covered by the employer during the term. The subsidy will be provided to eligible employers once the position has been reconciled April/May.

The LUWSP-FW Job Request application is available here. Login as "Employer" and select the following: Jobs & Volunteer Postings > Work Study Program (LUWSP-FW) > Post a Job button.

Students must work remotely and are not permitted on campus during the fall term (winter term subject to review).

Important Dates/Deadlines:

  • July 15 - August 15 annually: Portal open to employers to submit a Job Posting request (deadline extended if positions available)
  • August 1 - October 15: Portal open to students to apply for eligibility for LUWSP-FW.
  • August 16 annually: Job postings live on portal.
  • October 23: Deadline to hire a student for a LUWSP-FW position (paperwork to HR)
  • Work Term: August 31, 2020 - March 13, 2021

Please Note:

All proposed positions submitted by August 15 will be given equal consideration. To ensure that work placement positions are available in as many departments as possible, multiple requests from the same department will be approved as space allows.

There is no guarantee that positions submitted after the deadline will be considered and/or approved. Only approved positions are eligible for the subsidy.

Once your employment position has been approved, please ensure the student(s) hired is eligible (see below). NSERC-USRA students are not eligible for LUWSP-FW positions.

Student Eligibility:

Out of fairness to all eligible students, employers should wait until after the closing date of the posting to contact those individuals who they wish to interview. All students should receive approval before they apply for a LUWSP-FW position. Qualified students will be provided with a personalized Confirmation of Eligibility and Hiring Form which should be submitted with their cover letter and resume or provided at the time of the interview.

To qualify for LUWSP-FW eligibility, students:

  • Must be an undergraduate student (graduate students are ineligible)
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (international students are ineligible)
  • Must have a minimum average of 60% in the previous academic year (high school, college or university)
  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student (fall & winter) and registered in a minimum 60% course load (40% course load for students with a permanent disability)
  • Must demonstrate financial need, be approved for a bursary or be approved for provincial Student Financial Aid
  • Must apply each term for eligibility via the MySuccess portal
  • Must complete mandatory LUWSP training each time hired (paid 1.5 hrs)

Students who do not currently attend Lakehead University are not eligible for the LUWSP. Should a student resign from their LUWSP-FW position, re-hiring of that same student by another department or faculty is not permitted.

WHIMS (safety) training and AODA (accessibility standards) training are mandatory for all new employees. For more information, please contact Human Resources.