Lab Documentation - Mandatory

Laboratory Safety Documents are Mandatory for all laboratories on campus that contain hazardous materials.  These resources should be used as a living resource in your lab for your personnel to be trained on pertinent details of the lab, and provide valuable emergency response procedures, as well as documenting that safety requirements have been met.  Documents will be audited during laboratory inspections and must be easy to find in the absence of personnel in the laboratory.

Documents must be contained in a manner that is clearly labeled and visible in the lab.  Binders are strongly recommended and should meet the following criteria:

  • green in colour
  • labeled as Laboratory Safety Binder
  • contain tabs as indicated below
  • complete and kept up to date
  • visible from the main door of the lab

If your lab handles biohazardous materials and already has a Biosafety Binder, please add the additional tabs and continue using the Biosafety Binder.

Tabs to be Included:

  1. Emergency Contact List
  2. Emergency Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  3. Authorized User List
  4. Safety SOP
  5. Lakehead University Laboratory Safety Operating Procedures
  6. User Training Records
  7. Chemical Storage Locations
  8. Chemical Inventory Manual 
  9. Decommissioning
  10. Fire Safety

Instructions for the contents required under each tab can be downloaded here.