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Research Articles

Analyzing Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Growth Pattern Using

Influence of Nitrogen Sources or Plant Growth Regulator on Improving Spring Canola Yield in Northwestern Ontario

Ontario Biomass Research Results

Deep learning in land-use classification and geostatistics in soil pH mapping: a case study at Lakehead University Agricultural Research Station, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Environmentally Smart Nitrogen (ESN)—Potential for Improving Modern Crop Production and N-Use Efficiency 2-JAST-E20120602

Intercropping barley with pea for agronomic and economic considerations in northern Ontario

The impact of land conversion from boreal forest to agriculture on soil health indicators

Developing a New Vegetation Index Using Cyan, Orange, and Near Infrared Bands to Analyze Soybean Growth Dynamics

Extension Articles


Black barley gets its chance


LUARS Research 2023 – Varieties and Practices that can continue on or can be taken to farms?

Lakehead University Agricultural Research Station (LUARS)
Published at:

The Agrarian Interpreter: Decoding the Dialects of Sustainable Northern Farmlands

Nitrogen diversity drives canola yields at Thunder Bay

What is new at LUARS this year (2023)

LUARS is testing some new environment friendly products

Farmers need to exercise caution while using new products

New Agricultural Products

Key Recommendations for Season 2023

LUARS Research 2022 – Results from Canola Varieties Experiments


LUARS Research 2022 – Results from Spring Cereals Variety Experiments

LUARS Research 2022 – Results from Forage Experiments

Thunder Bay is testing winter camelina Anvol and Holganix

Fertilizer prices are up what should I do?


Conclusions and Recommendations from LUARS Research 2021

Nitrogen use efficiency finding the best results

Which spring wheat variety should I grow

LUARS is testing Borage, new Sulphur fertilizers, PGRs and EcoTea!

Conclusions and recommendations from the LUARS 2020 Research Presentation

Which crop varieties should I choose for seeding this year

Considerations for fertilizer use

Which barley varieties should I grow

LUARS Research 2021 - Results from Forage Experiments


LUARS has some extremely good alfalfa varieties

It pays to use multiple sources of Nitrogen for crop production!

Tips to get Maximum Economic Yields

Post Seeding Tasks

What is new at LUARS this year (2020)

Can I apply fertilizers in the fall

Nutrients removed by field crops per hectare (Dr. Tarlok Singh Sahota CCA)


Thunder Bay Weather Analysis (2003 - 2018)

Should I seed Winter Rye? If yes, how soon or how late?

Consider growing winter wheat

Dos and Don’ts for the Season 2019

Consider seeding Galega in winter killed alfalfa fields

Establishing Galega


LUARS Research 2018 – Results from Experiments on Fertilizers and Soil Amendments 

What does a soil test report indicate

LUARS Research Results 2018 – High Yielding Varieties

LUARS Forage Research Results 2018

Organic Matter

Should I grow winter wheat

Fusarium Head Blight and its Control

TBARS and Thunder Bay Farming Community Milestones (Milestones, TBARS)

TBARS Thunder Bay obtains a record canola seed yield of 9.6 MT/ha in 2017 (Canola)


Questions and Answers on Galega (Galega)

Liming acidic soils to improve soil and crop productivity (Soil, Productivity)

Tips for Galega cultivation (Galega)

Contact Information of Seed Companies/Suppliers (Contact Information, Seed)


Important findings and recommendations from TBARS Thunder Bay (Crop varieties, Fertilizer)

Galega could be a good alternative to alfalfa! (Alternative to alfalfa)

Grow MasterGraze Corn-a short duration annual forage crop for improving milk and butter fat production (Short duration annual forage crop)

Maximizing Economic Yields - Considerations for Season 2016 (Variety & Seeding Time, crop nutrition, pest control)

Nutrients removal by forage crops (Nutrients, Soil)

Should I grow flax? (Flax)


Nutrients removal by field crops (Nutrients, Soil)

Shall I seed winter rye this fall (Rye, winter)

It pays to use multiple sources of Nitrogen for crop production (Nitrogen)

Conclusions and Key Messages from Research 2014 Presentation (Research 2014)


Boron the Mighty Micronutrient! (Boron, nutrient)

Which variety of winter wheat should you choose for seeding (Winter wheat, seeding)

TBARS Research 2013 Presentation - Conclusions & Take Home Messages (2013 Research, conclusions)

Use Blends of N Fertilizers for Higher Economic Returns (Fertilizers, economic returns)

Mistakes that farmers can't afford to make! (mistakes)


Fall is an ideal time to look back and think ahead (Fall)

Canola success stories from Thunder Bay (Canola, Thunder Bay)

Should I Seed Winter Barley? (Barley)


Importance of Sulphur in Crop Production (Sulphur)

Can I apply Nitrogen to my grass hay fields in the fall? (Nitrogen, grass, hay)

Should I apply ESN to winter wheat instead of urea? (ESN, winter wheat, urea)

Research 2011 Presentation-Conclusions and Recommendations (Research, presentation, 2011)

Crop and Fertilizer Planning for Season 2012 II Crops/Crop Varieties (crop, fertilizer, 2012)


Crop and Fertilizer Planning for Season 2012-I Fertilizer Planning (crop, fertilizer, 2012, planning)

Comparative performance of urea and polymer coated urea (ESN) in timothy, and winter and spring wheat at Thunder Bay and New Liskeard (urea, polymer coated, wheat)


Research 2010 (2010, research)

Alternate forages for dairy cattle (dairy, forages)


Wood ash, not lime, is beneficial to soil and crops in the long run! (wood ash, lime, crops)

TBARS & Thunder Bay Farming Community Milestones (TBARS, Thunder Bay)

Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station; Research 2008 Presentation - Main points (Research results)

What should I do to get a Bumper Crop of Winter Wheat? (crop, winter wheat)

Pre-seeding Nitrate Nitrogen Test can save some dollars! (Nitrate Nitrogen)


Fertilizer prices are going crazy; what should we do? (fertilizer)

Alternative tillage systems to save time and fuel (tilage)


Tips for winter wheat cultivation (winter wheat)

Lime or Wood Ash? (nutrients, soil health)

But Why Would One Use Ammonium Sulphate? (Ammonium Sulphate, use)

Importance of Sulphur in crop production (sulphur, crop)

Crop Rotations and Soil Quality (crop rotations)

Some suggestions for the crop season 2008 (crop)

Understanding Alfalfa Nutrition (alfalfa, nutrients)

What should be the right approach to apply fertilizers for crop production? (fertilizers, production)

Organic farming (organic)