How to delete a Windows 8 wireless profile

Sometimes after creating a Windows 8 wireless profile to connect to LakeheadU, the profile if incorrect cannot always be removed by selecting to "Forget this Network" 

If you are unable to see the LakeheadU wireless profile or if you cannot select to "Forget this Network" to remove the old profile then please see the instructions below. 

Instructions on how to remove a network profile or see if it is has already been created.

1. Click start, then choose run, then type cmd in windows 7 or just start typing cmd in tile view in windows 8

2. Once at command prompt type the following: netsh wlan show profiles

**This will list all wireless profiles on the PC or tablet*

3. Please type the following: netsh wlan delete profile name=LakeheadU

This will remove the LakeheadU wireless profile and allow you to re create it using our instructions.