TSC Printing Services

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Setting Your PIN Code

You may access your Papercut Account by logging in with your Lakehead University username and password. Please note that you must have a positive balance to print.

Printers can be accessed by swiping your student/employee/department card and entering your PIN. If you need to set one or maybe forgot your PIN. Please click here for instructions on how to create or reset your PIN.

All on-campus student computers are able to print to Lakehead printers by using the monochrome or coloured printer options which are configured on these computers by default.


How Do You Add Funds On Your Own?

  1. Open your favourite browser and visit: https://tbpapercut.lakeheadu.ca:9192/user. Login with your Lakehead username and password.
  2. On the left-hand side, select “Add Credit.
  3. Simply add the amount you want to add to your account and select “Add value”. As shown below, this is good way to check your balance.
  4. Upon selecting the “Add value” button the following payment processing screen will appear for you to fill out using your credit card.


How Do You Add Funds in Person?

You can add money to your printing account at three locations on the Thunder Bay campus:

  • The Chancellor Paterson Library (Circulation Desk)
  • The Education Library (Bora Laskin)
  • The Law Library (PACI) - Debit or Credit Cards only, no cash

You can add money to your printing account at two locations on the Orillia campus:

  • In person at the Orillia Education Library – Cash only
  • In person at the Harvie Legacy Library – Cash only


NOTE: Unused printing credits cannot be refunded, but may be transferred to another account. Print balance will carry forward to following terms if not used in the current term.


Print/Copy Costs




Letter – 8.5” x 11”

$ 0.14 per sheet

$ 0.52 per sheet

Legal – 8.5” x 14”

$ 0.17 per sheet

$ 0.80 per sheet

Tabloid – 11” x 17”

$ 0.36 per sheet

$ 1.50 per sheet

Please Note: Our printers are only able to print the above sizes, and are unable to print A3, A4, A5 sizes. If you are having issues, with printing a document this is a good starting point for troubleshooting is to check the paper size of your file. 



How to Configure Printing from Personal Devices (Mobility Printing)

If you wish to use Lakehead's printing options on a personal device, please follow the instructions for your specific device found here.


Where to Print

In addition to printing, the Print Shop is located in Ryan Building (RB0001) and provides a variety of services for your printing, binding and lamination needs. Please visit the Print Shop page.

Xerox Monochrome Multi-function Devices
MONO_PRINT_RELEASE_QUEUE_II or mobility_monochrome
Features: Legal(8.5"x14"), Letter(8.5"x11"), Tabloid(11"x17"), Duplex, Copy, Scan to Email

Thunder Bay

  • ATAC 3rd Floor
  • ATAC 5th Floor
  • Agora Centre
  • Bora Laskin Education Library
  • Paterson Library Main Floor x 4
  • Paterson Library 4th Floor
  • CJ Saunders Fieldhouse
  • PACI Law Library
  • Music and Visual Arts Lobby
  • UC Hallway Across from Security


  • Orsi Family Learning Commons, Simcoe Hall
  • Heritage Place Commons


Xerox Colour Multi-function Devices
Features: Legal(8.5"x14"), Letter(8.5"x11"), Tabloid(11"x17"), Duplex, Copy, Scan to Email, Colour printing

 Thunder Bay

  • ATAC 3rd Floor
  • Bora Laskin Education Library
  • Paterson Library Main Floor


  • Orsi Family Learning Commons, Simcoe Hall
  • Heritage Place Commons