Voicemail Instructions

MITEL Phones:


Please see Mitel Voice Mail Instructions for more detailed instructions on voice mail.

The image below represents a mapping of our voice mail system. 

Mitel voice mail phone map showing user options


Checking Voicemail Externally (Mitel)

  • Dial (807)-343-8000 (Thunder Bay) or (705)-330-4010 (Orillia)
  • When you hear the Lakehead University Automated Attendant press *
  • Please enter a mailbox number (enter your extension) press *
  • Enter your pass code




Press the voicemail key (envelope icon)
You will hear "Please enter PIN then press #"
Enter your PIN number found in your "Welcome" email, then press #
You will hear "Press * to play (messages) press 9 for options, to exit press #"

To set up your greetings, press 9 for options.
To change your self-identification message, press 5
This is where you record just your name.
To record new self-identification message, press 0
You will hear "record your self-identification message, then press #"
To save message, press 0
To exit, press #

To change your greeting message, press 8
This is what callers hear when you don't answer the phone.
To record new greeting message, press 0
You will hear "record your greeting message, then press #"
To save message, press 0
To change voicemail PIN, press 7
You will hear "Please enter new PIN code, then press #"
To save, press *
To exit, press #

Checking Voicemail Externally (Yealink)

Voicemail access remotely: (3CX system)
Dial the main number
TBay = 807-343-8010
Orillia = 705-330-4010
Dial extension 9999 (voicemail centre)
Enter your extension
Enter your PIN then press #
The voicemail PIN can be found in your "Welcome" email.
Follow the voice prompts to check your voicemails or change your voicemail greetings.