Living In Residence


Phones are placed in each student’s room and are included in residence and townhouse fees as a part of the on-campus package. The phones operate on a network and internet based telephony system, meaning that only the phone provided will operate in the room. Fax machines and analog phones cannot be used in residence.

A voicemail box is also included in the phone package, allowing each student to create a personalized greeting. All incoming calls to residence must first be directed through our Automated Attendant which may be accessed at (807) 343-8888.

Each student is responsible for their phone and will be charged a replacement fee of $300 should the phone be damaged beyond repair. If any technical phone problems occur during the course of the school year, students can contact the Helpdesk (346-7777 or ext #7777) for assistance.

Network / Internet

Internet and network accessibility are included as part of residence fees. All rooms have activated network ports through which any student may gain access to the internet.

Students can connect to the high speed internet in their rooms by attaching the network cable (located on the back of the phone under the computer symbol) to the network card installed in their system. If connection difficulties should arise, Helpdesk staff will be on hand to troubleshoot for both the physical activation of the port and the proper configuration of the computer.

Should any of the network cables provided be missing during the year end room inventory, the student shall incur a $25 penalty per cable. Students are liable for their activities online and are expected to use this resource in a reasonable and responsible manner.

Computer System Requirements

All students must have virus and spyware protection installed on their computers. If one has not been previously installed, students are encouraged to download free software that is recommended by the Technology Services Centre (TSC).

Gaming Consoles and Media Devices

These devices can be connected either using the provided network connection.  Most devices cannot connect directly to the LakeheadU wireless network, the Helpdesk team has a resolution for this please contact us to connect your gaming and media devices by emailing