Blackberry Wifi Instructions

The following instructions are intended for earlier versions of Blackberry OS. Although the screens may be different, the connection options to select would be the same.

* Tip * - If you have problems connecting, please reboot your device, and try again. Please choose "restart" as this will fully restart your device, "Shutdown" will not fully reboot your device.

Blackberry Wifi Instructions:

Go to the Connections section.
1. Set Wi-Fi to On then click Set Up Wi-Fi Network.
2. Click Scan For Networks and click on LakeheadU when it appears.
3. Enter the following settings:

  •  Security type: PEAP
  •  User name: ad\your Lakehead username (same as email)
  •  Password: your Lakehead password (same as email)
  •  CA Certificate: <None seleced>
  •  Inner link security: EAP-MS-CHAP v2
  •  Token: None Selected
  •  Server subject: leave blank
  •  Server SAN: leave blank

4. Click Connect to connect to LakeheadU. Leave the next settings as default and click Next then
5. Under Internet Browser – Blackberry key – Select Options – Browser Configuration – make
sure your Browser Identification is set to Blackberry (not Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Enter LakeheadU under name for your saved network

Select none for CA certificate and select disable server certificate

Enable SSID, Automatically obtain IP, and DNS. Allow Inter-access point handover 

You should now be connected to the “LakeheadU” wireless network. Open your Wifi Hotspot browser to complete the connection. If you ever need to check if you are connected to “LakeheadU”, go to the Manage Connections section again and ensure that there is a green check mark next to “LakeheadU”. If it is not connected, try unchecking/disabling WiFi, wait a few moments, and then turn it back on again.

TSC supports wireless network access using Wi-Fi technology in many areas across campus:

  • Agora
  • AT 5033
  • AT 5035
  • AT 5036
  • AT 5037
  • Library (all floors)
  • Bora Laskin
  • Main Cafeteria
  • PACI
  • Residence Cafeteria
  • Hanger
  • Senate Chambers
  • Orillia Academic Building
  • Orillia Heritage Place

To get help on other wireless devices go to our wireless homepage for more information.