Financial Services

Welcome to Financial Services. Our mission is to provide reliable and relevant financial information and quality financial services. Please see below for a listing of the different departments within our office.

All Finance Forms

2023-2024 Year-End Deadlines

Tuition and Fee Payments or Questions

see Accounts Receivable: Student Tuition and Fees
Phone: (807) 343-8140

Student Awards and Financial Aid, including OSAP and other provincial loans

see Student Central
Phone: (807) 343-8500

Electronic Approval and Forms Submission Process

Financial Services accepts approvals via email (must be from the approver’s Lakehead University email account) or with a digital “certification” in Adobe.

Please review the Standards for Electronic Approval While Working Remotely due to COVID-19. This memo includes instructions on what to do if:

  • you need to create or know how to certify a PDF document in Adobe,
  • your document requires multiple approvals, and
  • you're submitting backup documentation with a form or invoice. Please refer to the instructions circulated by Human Resources when saving and sending the Electronic Staff form as they would like all backup saved as separate documents.

List of Financial Services Departments to Receive Completed Forms

All Finance Forms

Approved documents and supporting backup should be emailed to the following departments within Financial Services:

We ask that you please retain any original receipts in your office for 7 years.

Payroll and Records of Employment

Human Resources/Payroll-Specific Forms

Payroll processing continues with no interruption in service. If you are a part-time hourly employee and enter your time, be sure to enter your time online via myTimecard, through myInfo. Your supervisor can also enter on your behalf if required. The same cut-off schedule remains in place for employees and supervisors. The schedules are found at the bottom of the payroll webpage for Payroll Forms and Schedules.

If you require a Record of Employment, follow the instructions found on Record of Employment Procedure webpage.

If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the Payroll Staff