Financial Services

Welcome to Financial Services. Our mission is to provide reliable and relevant financial information and quality financial services. Please see below for a listing of the different departments within our office.

All Finance Forms

Temporary Procedures During Required Off-site Services Model re: COVID19

Most Financial Services staff are working remotely and are accessible by email.

In response to the off-site working arrangements in place as of Thursday, March 19, 2020, Financial Services will be accepting approvals via email (must be from the approver’s Lakehead University email account) or with a digital “certification” in Adobe.

Please review the Standards for Electronic Approval While Working Remotely due to COVID-19. This memo includes instructions on what to do if:

  • you need to create or know how to certify a PDF document in Adobe,
  • your document requires multiple approvals, and
  • you're submitting backup documentation with a form or invoice. Please refer to the instructions circulated by Human Resources when saving and sending the Electronic Staff form as they would like all backup saved as separate documents.

Human Resources/Payroll-Specific Forms

Please note: email approvals are required for all Human Resources/Payroll processing forms

Effective immediately, all HR/Payroll processing forms including Employee Information Form (EIF), Part-Time Academic Staff & Supplemental Teaching Appointment Form (PTA), Leave of Absence Form (LOA), and Short Term Renewal Form (STR), will require an accompanying email from the appropriate signing authority holder stating their approval in addition to a digital/electronic signature.

The form submitter will need to be the budget code signing authority holder or include a forwarded email from the budget code signing authority holder with the following statement from their Lakehead email account: 

"I approve the attached [type of form] for [employee name]."

For emails with multiple forms for different employees, the statement above may be used by stating each employee name. For example, if you have three EIFs for three different employees, the following statement should be used:

"I approve the attached [type of form] for [employee name 1, employee name 2, employee name 3]."

Forms submitted on or after May 19 without the appropriate email approval as described above will not be processed and the original submitter will be notified. We thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources or Payroll.

List of Financial Services Departments to Receive Completed Forms

Approved documents and supporting backup can be sent to the following departments in Financial Services:

If you have a form to submit and aren’t sure to whom you should send it, please send it to Dianne at

Please note: We ask that you please maintain any original receipts or forms at this time. We will reach out for originals at a future date.

Limit increases for purchasing cards will still be processed, following the usual request process (email to supervisor, cc’ing and requesting an increase for how much and for how long).

Submissions for purchasing card statements are following the usual schedule. Photos of hard copy receipts are acceptable if scans are not available.

Payroll and Records of Employment

Payroll processing continues with no interruption in service. If you are a part-time hourly employee and enter your time, be sure to enter your time online via myTimecard, through myInfo. Your supervisor can also enter on your behalf if required. The same cut-off schedule remains in place for employees and supervisors. The schedules are found at the bottom of the payroll webpage for Payroll Forms and Schedules.

If you require a Record of Employment, follow the instructions found on Record of Employment Procedure webpage.

If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the Payroll Staff