Research and Trust Accounting

MyBudgets Reminder – Two Fiscal Years Open

The University’s year end is April 30, 2021. There are now two fiscal years open (2020/2021 & 2021/2022).  To determine the unspent balance in your research account you will need to look at both fiscal years and combine the activity.  You can change the fiscal year by selecting the Fiscal Year at the top of the screen and selecting GO.

Research Services

Research Services are responsible for the administering and monitoring of all research accounts and for preparing financial statements and invoices for external agencies. We provide advice on the eligibility of expenses, arrange for transfers and cost recoveries, prepare invoices to sponsors and maintain signing authority and access to the research accounts.

Endowment & Trust Services

Endowment & Trust Services are responsible for the administering and monitoring of all Trust and Endowment accounts and for assisting the Office of External Relations in the reporting of activity to the Donors. We provide advice on eligible expenses, charitable activities and the amount available for payout from the awards. The application and reporting for the University charitable activities and lotteries is administered thru our unit.