Accounts Receivable for Faculty, Staff & Departments

Accounts Receivable assists Faculty, Staff, and their dependents, with regard to payment by Tuition Waiver. In addition, staff within faculties, and various administrative departments, will receive assistance with External Invoicing for Sales & Services, as well as guidance for cash handling and deposits.

Tuition Waiver Benefit, and Cash Handling & Deposits, Collecting Fees for Events:

Tuition Waiver Benefit Policy & Forms

Cash Handling Policy

Book Wireless Point of Sale Terminal

For further assistance regarding Cash handling, Deposits, Booking the Wireless POS for events, or the Tuition Waiver process, please contact:

Jessica Gerlach, Accounts Receivable Clerk-Specialist
t: (807) 343-8010 ext 8428

Invoicing and Collection for Miscellaneous Accounts Receivables:

Policy on Invoicing for Sales, Services, and Recoverables

Request for Invoicing (forms)

For further assistance regarding Invoicing for Sales and Services, please contact:

Jennifer Caren, Accounts Officer
t: (807) 343-8010 ext 8136