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Payroll Forms / Schedules

The mission of Payroll Services is to ensure all faculty, staff and student employees are paid accurately and on time, in compliance with federal and provincial laws and regulations, collective agreements and Lakehead University policies and procedures.

Additional services for employees:

  • payroll pay schedules – bank deposit dates
  • assistance with myTimecard – part-time employee time card on-line system for hourly employees and supervisors
  • pay stubs (pay advice) on myInfo
  • issue annual tax forms - T4, T4A for employees
  • processing of employee Record of Employment (ROE)
  • assistance with employee income tax deduction forms (TD1 federal and provincial, Canada Pension Plan - CPP eligibility – CPT30 - Election to Stop Contributing to the Canada Pension Plan, or Revocation of a Prior Election)
  • assistance with employee direct deposit banking (bank add or change)
  • verification of payroll deductions  (e.g. taxes, pension, union dues, tuition deductions, tuition waivers, garnishments, and family or child support payments)
  • assistance with employee pay questions (e.g. salary, wages, pay rate, stipend, invoiced services, contract, not paid, verify pay amount, missing pay, eligibility for statutory, stat holiday pay and amount paid)
  • assistance with TD1-IN Determination of Exemption of an Indian's Employment Income
  • payroll reporting requests

Additional services for University administration:

  • Accurate and timely recording of payroll costs – wages, salaries and benefits
  • Calculation and recording of vacation and leaves liabilities by employee and department
  • Funding of payroll bank
  • Payment of statutory deductions (taxes), benefits, union dues and all payroll related remittances.
  • Internal and external reporting.