Cheque Requisitions

Cheque Requisitions

Payments Under $5,000

Payments for most goods and services totalling under $5,000 can be made using a Purchasing Card (P-Card), by submitting an approved invoice to Accounts Payable, or submitting a cheque requisition.

When to Use the P-Card

The P-Card is an efficient and effective method of procuring and paying for low-dollar value goods and services and should be used when making purchases for goods or services under $5,000. Most vendors accept credit cards, including Aramark at the Thunder Bay Campus.  

For more information on the use of a P-Card, please refer to Lakehead’s Purchasing Policy/Purchasing Card Program.

Cheque Requisitions 

The Cheque Requisition can be used for low-value purchases as outlined below:

  • Reimbursement of an individual’s University-related expenditures (not including travel) where a P-Card was not accepted
  • Payment for services to individuals who are not employees or students of the University
  • Payment to vendors for services rendered or products that have been purchased where the vendor does not accept payments via the P-Card
  • Awards, Prizes, and Honorariums
  • Refunds for over-payments/deposits

When submitting a cheque requisition, you must:

  • Have the complete name, address and Social Insurance Number for the person providing a service to the University
  • Provide a budget code
  • Have proper authorization
  • Identify what, when, why, where, and who the payment is for
  • Attach the original receipts
  • Obtain the signature of the Dean or Department Chair or Directors/Managers whenever requesting re-imbursement

Cheque Requisition Form

Click to download the cheque requisition form:

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