Orillia Campus Technology

Helpdesk Website
Urgent Requests:
On Campus: ext. 6610
Off Campus: 1-807-346-7777 (Thunder Bay)
                   1-705-330-4008 ext. 6610 (Orillia)
Non-Urgent Requests:
Please fill out the online service request form here.
This form (or "ticket") can be used for a variety of requests - such as booking the portable Smartboard downtown, or asking for assistance connecting your laptop to the wireless network.


Wireless Network

Lakehead has a wireless network which students may access with their personal laptops. In order to access the wi-fi, students must configure their laptop to Lakehead's settings. Please see the various guides on this page for connecting to the wi-fi. It is easier to connect your laptop to the network if your computer has all of its latest updates (for example, a Windows 7 machine should have Service Pack 1installed).

If you require assistance connecting your laptop, please do the following:
  • call the helpdesk at x7777 (there is a phone in the photocopy room in the University Avenue commons which can be used for this)
  • Fill out a technical support ticket. This will result in an appointment with an Orillia technician.


Equipment Bookings

In order for faculty, staff or students to book equipment, a Technical Support Ticket must be completed. We request that you submit a ticket 48 hours in advance of when you wish to use the equipment. More information is available on the Multimedia page. Examples of situations where equipment must be booked via a ticket include:
  • use of a faculty loaner laptop
  • use of a portable projector
  • use of the portable Smartboard at the downtown campus
It is not necessary for students to complete a ticket for items which were purchased through the student technology fund, or items which are owned by the campus library.


Computer Labs

At the University Avenue location there is a 25 seat lab in the commons.  There is one Apple Macintosh computer in the lab in the University Avenue commons. There are also three express computer stations in the University Avenue commons.  The Orillia Academic commons also holds 20 computers and 5 Apple Macintosh systems.
In the Heritage Place building in downtown Orillia, there is a 12 seat lab on the basement floor near the classrooms, and there are 16 computers, including one Mac, in the commons on the first floor.  All computers have access to high-speed internet, and are loaded with the Microsoft Office suite, and some course-specific applications.
As all files are erased from computers when they are shut down, students are encouraged to save work on USB flash drives (or email the files to themselves), before they shut down the computer.

Printing (both black and white and colour) is possible at each Lakehead-Orillia campus. As the printers are activated by swiping your student card and entering a PIN, you MUST have a student card in order to print. You can send documents to the printing queues from a lab computer or from your personal laptop. In order to print from a laptop, you must first upload your file to the Lakehead printing utility. Full information about printing at Lakehead-Orillia can be found here.
Printing in black & white costs 8 cents / page; colour printing costs 50 cents / page. Students begin the school year with an introductory $3.00 printing balance. Students may add money to their printing account online via credit card, or at the library (please note that the library only takes cash).


Learning Assistance Lab

Catering to the diverse needs of every individual student we welcome into our campus, Lakehead University strives to accommodate the learning requirements of everyone through the availability of assistive technology devices, specialized computer hardware and software.

Disability Services and the Learning Assistance Centre are ready to help you at Lakehead-Orillia. We have quiet exam spaces, and assistive technology, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Kurzweil, ZoomText, and Inspiration . If you have a particular preference or suggestion on how we can make your learning experience even better, please let us know.