Saving your work

When working on a project, assignment, or simply wanting to backup previous work, it is a good idea to always save your work. Saving your work can be done a number of ways, and can save you lots of time if something goes wrong.

** If you do not save your work using one of the following suggested methods while on a public PC, when the PC shuts down it will wipe all personal files loaded that session. These files cannot be retrieved.**

Anyone with a Lakehead University email account will have access to their own personal Google Drive. This has replaced the Lakehead University N: shared storage drive. Google Drive is cloud storage which includes 100GB free storage and will provide access to your files off campus.

You can use Google Drive to store documents and media files and share them with others.
It works on Mac, PC, and mobile devices (with the app). To learn more about Google Drive, visit: 

Some other ways you can save your work include:

  • Email the file to your myEmail account
  • Save the file to a USB drive

Saving your work to Google Drive can be done by performing the following steps.

1. Log on to myEmail by clicking here.
2. Click on the Google apps icon, which looks like several squares
3. Click New, then File Upload
4. You should see a message saying "Upload complete.." after the file has been uploaded.
5. Your file should now be listed in the My Drive directory.