Recent Outages, And Scheduled Maintenance

** Please check the Google status page for any Google outages that may be related. **

Please watch for communications bulletins in regards to scheduled maintenance, and what service if any will be interrupted.

Please see the Communications Bulletins page or check myEmail communication emails for more info.

If you have any questions regarding planned or unplanned outages, please feel free to contact the Helpdesk.

Recent Outage / Scheduled MaintenanceServices AffectedDate Of OutageExpected Resolve TimeState
Internet Related ServicesTSC will perform critical network maintenance tonight, between 9:00 PM and 12:00 AM, to address the recent internet outages the University has been experiencing. During this time, there will be a brief disruption of Internet-related services, including VPN / remote access and sites requiring LU authentication (e.g., myEmail, myInfo, myCourselink). This maintenance will affect both the Thunder Bay and Orillia campuses. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns. June 17, 2024 @ 9PM June 18th, 2024 @ 12AM Completed
myServicesmyServices availability will be unstable during this period.June 12, 2024 @ 6pmJune 12, 2024 @ 9pmCompleted
WiFi outage affecting both the Orillia and Thunder Bay campus this morning March 20th, 2024 due to a system failure.Wifi will be down.March 20th, 2024 @ 8amMarch 20th, 2024 @ 10:00amCompleted
Router MaintenanceNetwork Connectivity will be down.February 10th, 2024 @ 12pmFebruary 10th, 2024 @ 3pmCompleted
SSL VPN ServiceFortiClient VPN connections.February 9th & 10th, 2024February 10th, 2024 @ 3pmCompleted
myPortal and myServicesAQ Registration & PaymentMarch 16th, 2023TBDCompleted
myPortal and myServicesTranscript Request and Payment  (Temporarily Disabled)

* For assistance with this, please contact Student Central.
March 16th, 2023TBDCompleted
myPortal and myServicesProgram Change Request and Payment (Temporarily Disabled)

* For assistance with this, please contact Student Central.
March 16th, 2023TBDIn Progress
myPortal and myServicesEnrolment Verification Letter (Temporarily Disabled)

* For assistance with this, please contact Student Central.
 March 16th, 2023 TBDCompleted
myPortal and myServicesConfirmation Deposits - Undergraduate, Graduate and Residence (Temporarily Disabled)

* For assistance with this, please contact Student Central.
March 16th, 2023TBDIn Progress
myPortal and myServicesPassword Reset (Temporarily Disabled)

* For assistance with this, please contact the TSC Helpdesk.
March 16th, 2023TBDIn Progress
myPortal and myServicesRecover Account (Temporarily Disabled)

* For assistance with this, please contact the TSC Helpdesk.
March 16th, 2023TBDIn Progress
myPortal and myServices Portal Transfer For Students: 
      • Course Registration and Withdrawal Services
      • myAcademic Profile
      • myFinancial Profile
      • myPersonal Profile
      • myGrades & Transcript
      • Financial Aid History
      • myExam Schedule
        • Declare myExam Location

For Employees:
    • Marks Management
    • Special Permissions
    • Program Change Request
    • myBudget
    • myFinancial Profile
    • myPersonal Profile
    • Athlete Waiver Form
    • Web UI
    • Time card entry
    • Time card approvals
 March 16th, 2023 March 20th, 2023 Completed
Tbaytel Maintenance Advisory There is no outage expected during this maintenance period; however, this may potentially impact services. May 3N/AScheduled
Phone System Maintenance - Orillia This maintenance will affect physical desk phones only and is not expected to impact other services.April 27 6pm - 8pmScheduled
TSC Network MaintenanceTSC will be performing critical network maintenance Tuesday, February 16, 2021, starting at 8:30 PM. Additional work will occur on Thursday, February 18, at 9:30 PM.  During these maintenance times, phone, internet, and network services for both Orillia and Thunder Bay campuses will experience interruptions. Services are expected to be fully restored by 2:00 AM.Feb 16, 2021 @ 8:30PM and Feb 18 2021 @ 9:30PM2:00AM on Scheduled datesScheduled
TSC Network MaintenanceTSC will be providing required maintenance to the campus network services on Friday August 14, 2020 from 12:00PM-6:00PM. Internet, phone and wireless services may be intermittent during this time. This maintenance affects the Prettie Administration and Residence, Physical Plant (Maintenance) and Health Services.August 14, 2020 @ 12:00 PMAugust 14, 2020 @ 6:00 PMScheduled
ColleagueUsers will be unable to log into Colleague or generate reports from Informer / myInfoJanuary 09, 9:30AMJanuary 09, 10:35AMResolved
VPNVPN Certificate Services December 27January 06Resolved
Network OutageNetwork, wireless, all Lakehead pages, printing
7 November, 10:40 AM
7 November. 11:20 AMResolved
All Internet Traffic
TSC will be performing critical network maintenance on Wednesday, November 6th starting at 10:00 PM. This will affect internet services for both Orillia and Thunder Bay campuses and residences.Services are expected to be restored by 12:00AM.
06 November, 10:00 PM
07 November, 12:00 AMScheduled
Login outage
myInfo and myCourselink
18 October, 1:00pm
no ETRResolved
Hardware Maintenance
TSC will be performing some hardware maintenance in the Ryan Building.  This work will affect both the second and third floors of the Ryan building, causing intermittent phone, network, and internet services to these areas.
03 October, 10:00 PM
04 October, 12:00 AMCompleted
Webpage Login/access
Webpage editing and access
26 August
9 SeptemberCompleted
Colleage / Authentication
Colleage, Lakehead Homepage, myInfo, computer
logins, any type of authentication, time card entry or registration
02 August, 4:30pm
04 August, 8:00pmResolved
KACE login issue
KACE ticketing system
11 June, 10pm
13 June 2pmResolved
Orillia Heritage Place network and phone
Network and phone in HP
9 May, 5:00am
9 May, 10:00amResolved
Orillia Vendor outage Network and phone
Network and phone in Orillia, University wide Papercut access, printer logon issues.  This was due to a vendor outage affecting the entire Timmins area
8 May, 8:00am
8 May, 17:00pmResolved
Plotting / Large Format Printing
Poster printing, large format printing
28 March, 5:00pm
1 April, 9:00amResolved
Network Outage Chancellor Paterson Library
Main floor internet, printing and computers, all Helpdesk services
13 March, 8:00am
13 March 8:42amResolved
TSC Network Maintenance
TSC will be performing network maintenance in the Orillia Heritage Place building on Wednesday, October 3rd, from 7am to 8am.  During the maintenance window, network, phone and internet services will be intermittent.  For questions or concerns, please email
Oct. 03, 07:00
 Oct. 03, 08:00Scheduled
ERP Year End Shutdown
The ERP system (Datatel) will be offline Saturday, Sept. 29, from 6 am to 5 pm.

This shutdown will be used to close the 2018 financial files and carry the April 30, 2018 balances to fiscal 2019. In order to perform this activity, the system must be offline.

This will affect most of MyInfo and all of Colleague and Informer (reporting).

MyEmail and MyCourselink (D2L) services will not be affected by this shutdown.
Sept. 29, 6:00am
Sept. 29, 5:00pm
TSC Network Maintenance
Network, phone and internet services will be intermittent for the following areas in the University Centre:
UC0001 Lab
HR (partial)
Security (partial)
Upper Lecture Theatre
Lower Lecture Theatre
UTC Theatre
Multi-Cultural Centre
The Argus
Aboriginal Initiatives
All lower floor UC area including LUSU club rooms
2 October 2018 10:00pm
3 October 2018 12:00am
TSC Network Maintenance
TSC will be performing network maintenance in the University Centre on Tuesday, Oct. 2, from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. During the maintenance window, network, phone and internet services will be intermittent for the following areas in the University Centre:UC0001 LabSwitchboard HR (partial)Security (partial)Upper Lecture Theatre Lower Lecture Theatre UTC Theatre Multi-Cultural Centre The Argus A.F.C.A.S.A. Aboriginal Initiatives All lower floor UC area including LUSU club rooms
For questions or concerns, please email
 25 September 2018
26 September 2018
Network/Server OutagesFileshare Access for students, staff, faculty, Romeo research portal
29 August 2018 8:00amUnknownResolved
Network MaintenanceThere may be intermittent outages of all services including internet and web services 13 June 2018 10:15pm13 June 2018 11:15pmComplete
Phone SystemIncoming and Outgoing calls (internal not affected) not able to dial in or out.13 April 2018 2:25pm13 April 2018 3:05pmComplete
Network MaintenanceInternet and Phone, Thunder Bay and Orillia28 March 2018 10:15pm28 March 2018 10:30pmComplete
Phone and Network in the University CenterNetwork services including phones and internet in: UC0001 Lab
HR (partial)
Security (partial)
Upper Lecture Theatre
Lower Lecture Theatre
UTC Theatre
Multi Cultural Centre
The Argus
Aboriginal Initiatives
All lower floor UC area including LUSU club rooms
26 January 2018 7:30pm27 January 2018 eveningComplete
Colleague (Datatel)New and current Colleague sessions21 December 2017 11:00am21 December 2017 12:00pmResolved
Network Security Maintenance Balmoral Street Center WiFi27 November 2017 6pm27 November 2017 8pmmComplete
Network Security Maintenance Residence WiFi27 November 2017 10pm28 November 2017 12amComplete
Network Security Maintenance Internet service, including email, website, VPN access and WIFI access.9 November 10:00pm9 November 11:00pmComplete
Network Security Maintenance All network access including internet access, reaching Lakehead University resources from off campus and VPN access
8 November 10:00pm8 November 11:00pmComplete
Emergency Wireless MaintenanceWireless for Orillia and Thunder Bay campuses and related outbuildings02 November 5:30pm02 November 7:30pmComplete
LDAP AuthenticationDesire2Learn(myCourseLink), myEmail, myInfo, and mySuccess29 September 2017 12:00am29 September 2017 12:20amComplete
 Colleague (Datatel) Update myInfo, Colleague, Informer 30 September 2017 6:00am 30 September 2017 5:00pmComplete
Orillia Wireless MaintenanceWireless in Orillia Residence, Heritage Place, Cafeteria and Orillia Academic Building29 August 2017 5:30pm29 August 2017 10pmComplete
Colleague (Datatel) UpdatemyInfo, Colleague and Informer30 August 2017 5pm30 August 2017 8pmComplete
Network Maintenance in the School of Nursing Network services in the School of Nursing, phone and internet will be intermittent during this time8 August 2017 5:30pm - 11:00pm10 August 2017 5:30pm - 11:00pmComplete
Phone Server MaintenancePhone services may be disrupted intermittently8 August 2017 5:30pm9 August 2017 12:00am
Voicemail Issues, Thunder Bay
Voicemail light works intermittently10 July 2017No ETRUnresolved
Mitel Phone OutageThunder Bay Campus Phones11 July 2017 8:00am11 July 2017 9:00amResolved
Colleague OutageDatatel Colleague22 June 2017 3:00pm22 June 2017 3:45pmResolved
Wireless MaintenanceThunder Bay Wireless access21 June 5:30pm21 June 2017 10pmComplete
Printing Services - Thunder BayPrinting may be intermittent or unavailable30 May 2017 7:00am30 May 2018 8:30amComplete
Colleague UpdateColleague Datatel, myInfo, Informer18 May 2017 5:00pm18 May 2017 8:00pmComplete
Colleague UpdateColleague Datatel, myInfo16 May 2017 5:00pm16 May 2017 8:00pmComplete
Network OutagePhone and Internet19 April 201719 April 2017 8:00pmResolved
Informer OutageAll Informer services18 April 2017No ERTResolved
Colleague Datatel UpgradeColleague Datatel, some myInfo services2 April 2017 5pm2 April 2017 10pmComplete
Network MaintenanceCB1004, CB1005, CB1010, CB Internet Cafe - Network and phone will be intermittent 26 March 2017 7am 26 March 2017 5pm Complete
EnPortal Calendar Scheduling RequestCalendar room booking logins, intermittent login issues20 March 201722 March 2017Resolved
Network Outage
LakeheadU wireless network in Chancellor Paterson Library17 March 201722 March 2017Resolved
MyInfo OutageVarious: T4, T2202A, Supervisor time approval, transcript, possibly more 6 March 20177 March 2016Resolved
Network UpgradesAll internet, network and phone services for both the Thunder Bay and Orillia campuses. External web services will also be affected.21 Dec 2016 5pm22 Dec 2016 5amCancelled
myInfoLinks not working11/14/2016No ETRResolved
Scheduled KACE updateKACE Ticketing system will be unavailable11/09/2016 4pm11/09/2016 4:30pmCompleted
Scheduled Printing UpdateNew printing services - ATAC 2nd floor, ATAC 3rd floor, CP Library Main Floor, CP Library 4th Floor11/06/2016 8am11/06/2016 12pmCompleted
AC FailureSprout, Niagara, LDAP1, 7410-SAN, and bladesan 10/07/2016 4amNo ETRResolved
Colleague MaintenanceColleague/Datatel, myInfo, and Informer08/31/2016 5pm08/31/2016 10pmCompleted
Google AppsGoogle Apps and account login on mobile devices08/29/2016No ETRResolved
ColleagueColleague/Datatel08/05/2016 No ETRResolved
myInfo/myEmail/myCourselinkPassword reset or recovery07/19/2016No ETRResolved
KACETicketing System07/14/2016No ETRResolved
Windows Operating System UpdateAny Windows 7 computer05/31/2016 06/01/2016Resolved
TSC Phone System MaintenancePhone04/12/2016 5pm04/12/2016 7pmCompleted
Campus-wide Electrical ShutdownElectrical05/07/2016 8am05/07/2016 6pmCompleted
Microsoft Windows serversMicrosoft04/12/2016  All Day04/12/2016 All DayCompleted
Colleague Server MaintenanceColleague03/31/2016 5pm03/31/2016 8pmCompleted
Colleague Server MaintenanceColleague03/14/2016 5pm03/14/2016 8pmCompleted
Colleague System UpdatesmyInfo and all of Colleague and Informer (reporting)02/25/2016 5pm02/25/2016 8pmCompleted
TSC Network MaintenanceNetwork, phone, and internet services02/19/2016 5pm02/19/2016 6pmCompleted
ATAC Datacentre Cooling FailureFileserver1, VDI workstations, Sprout, Niagara, Camelot security cameras from 1 sever, Inukshuk, and LDAP2.  Other systems may also be affected. 02/01/2016 8pmNo ETRResolved
TSC MaintenanceLDAP1, LDAP2, Sprout, Inukshuk (Library catalogue service), Sleet, Niagara, and Colleague 01/26/2016 5pm01/26/2016 MidnightCompleted
Informer UpdateInformer12/21/2015 4pm12/21/2015 5pmCompleted
TSC Network MaintenancePaterson Library and Ryan Building - Network, Phone, and Internet12/21/2015 5pm12/21/2015 11:30pmCompleted
Colleague System UpdatesmyInfo, Colleague, and Informer (reporting)12/17/2015 5pm12/17/2015 8pmCompleted
Colleague Server Colleague12/02/2015 4pm12/02/2015 4:30pmCompleted
ERP SystemmyInfo and all of Colleague and Informer (reporting)11/26/2015 7pm11/26/2015 10pmCompleted
Fileserver1 ShutdownFileserver1 files and folders will no longer be accessible01/26/2016 PermanentUncompleted
Fileserver1 Read-onlyWill no longer be able to save or to add anything to Fileserver1 files or folders11/24/2015 5pm01/25/2016Uncompleted
TSC MaintenanceMyInfo, WebAdvisor, Myemail, Concur, LDAP1, LDAP2, Sprout, Inukshuk (Library catalogue services), Sleet, Sunshine, Rust, Niagara.11/24/2015 5pm11/24/2015 MidnightCompleted
TSC Network MaintenanceInternet11/20/2015 10pm11/21/2015 4amCompleted
Network & Phone OutageNetwork, internet, phone11/02/2015 9pmNo ETRResolved
ERP MaintenanceColleague and Informer (reporting)10/29/2015 5pm10/29/2015 7pmCompleted
Single sign onmyInfo, myEmail, KACE, Colleague10/26/2015 8:15am10/26/2015 9:35amResolved
Desire2LearnD2L, myCourseLink10/19/2015 1:15pmNo ETRResolved
VisioVisio Software


09/18/2015No ETRIn progress
Webform submissions - Contact Us, Email Us

All Contact Us forms on and are turned off, web submissions will not go through

08/31/2015No ETRCompleted
Ellucian Colleague Software Update


08/27/2015 7pmNo ETRCompleted
TSC Maintenance

LDAP1, LDAP2, Sprout, Inukshuk (Library catalogue services), Sleet, Niagara. Other systems may also be affected.

08/25/2015 5pm  08/25/2015 Midnight Completed
TSC Network Maintenance

Network, phone

08/25/2015 5pm08/25/2015 9pmCompleted

Ticketing Software in Chrome, Firefox and IE will not work

07/29/2015No ETR Resolved

Ticketing system

07/28/2015 5pm07/28/2015 MidnightCompleted
Network Upgrades

Internet Access in the Music and Visual Arts Building

07/10/2015 8pm07/10/2015 10pmCompleted
TSC Network Maintenance


07/09/2015 7pm07/09/2015 10pmCompleted
TSC Maintenance

Datatel, myInfo, and the main Lakehead University webpage. Other systems may also be affected.

06/30/2015 5pm06/30/2015 MidnightCompleted

login issues, password resets, missing tabs and links

06/08/2015 11amNo ETRResolved
myEmail / myInfo Login Outage

myEmail, myInfo new sessions

05/14/2015 10am05/14/2015 10:27amResolved
Library Proxy Login

ezproxy services not available

05/07/201505/07/2015 4pmResolved
Desire2Learn Access Outage

Desire2Learn Portal was offline from about 8pm until after midnight

Electrical Shutdown

Electrical - campus wide

05/02/2015 All dayCompleted
myCourseLink (D2L) upgrade

myCourseLink (Desire2Learn)

04/30/2015 8am05/01/2015Completed
Hardware Failure 

Bolt, Sleet, Rust

04/28/2015 8pmNo ETRUnresolved
TSC Maintenance

myInfo, LDAP1, LDAP2, Sprout, Inukshuk (Library catalogue services), Sleet, Sunshine, Bolt, Rust, Niagara also, logging into myEmail and the desire2learn site

04/28/2015 5pmMidnight on 04/28/2015 Completed
Colleague System

Datatel, myInfo services

04/20/2015 5pmNo ETR Completed

Colleague System


04/16/2015 1pm04/16/2015 1:08pmResolved

UI Server


04/01/2015 3:30pm04/01/2015 3:45pmResolved

Colleague System Updates

myInfo, Colleague

03/30/2015 5pm03/30/2015 9pmCompleted

myEmail, myInfo, Colleague

myEmail, myInfo, Colleague

03/02/201503/02/2015 12:50pmResolved

Datatel Colleague

myInfo, Datatel

02/10/2015 5pmNo ETRCompleted

Network Maintenance

Network and phone

02/06/2015 4:30pm02/06/2015 9pmCompleted

TSC Maintenance

LDAP1, LDAP2, Sprout, Inukshuk (Library catalogue services), Sleet, Sunshine, Bolt, Rust, Niagara. Other systems may also be affected.

01/27/2015 5pm 01/27/2015 Midnight  Completed

Network Maintenance

On-campus Internet & access to Lakehead University resources from the Internet  

01/22/2015 10:30pm01/22/2015 11:30pmCompleted

Network Maintenance

Network, phone, and server

01/18/2015 9am01/18/2015 10pmCompleted

ERP System Shutdown

myInfo, Colleague, and Benefactor

12/28/201412/30/2014 11:59pmCompleted

Wireless Network Interruption


11/19/2014No ETRResolved

Hardware Failure

Sunshine, Sprout

11/17/2014No ETRResolved

Colleague System Updates

myInfo, Datatel - Colleague and Benefactor

11/14/2014 5pmNo ETRCompleted

TSC Maintenance

D2L, myEmail, myInfo, LDAP1, LDAP2, Sprout, Inukshuk, Sleet, Sunshine, Bolt, Rust, Niagara and other systems *may* be affected.

10/28/2014 5pmMidnight on 10/28/2014Completed

Network Maintenance

Wireless network and Internet

10/22/2014 5pm10/22/2014 9pmCompleted

Network Maintenance

Centennial Building-Phone, network, and internet

10/19/2014 9am10/19/2014 9pmCompleted

ERP System Shutdown- Saturday, Oct 04

myInfo, Colleague, and Benefactor

10/04/201410/04/2014 8am-5pmCompleted


Student Printing

10/03/2014 7am10/03/2014 9amComplete

ERP System

ERP, password resets, course/class modifications, class lists

9 Sept 2014No ETRResolved

Network connectivity

Webpages, Printing, AD

08/25/14No ETRResolved

Network Upgrades


8/23/14Midnight on 8/23/14Completed

Web tools

Bolt, sleet, rust.

7/30/14NO ETRResolved

SPSS Licensing


7/28/14No ETRResolved

Network Maintenance

Phone, network services

6/20/20146/20/2014 5:30pm -8pmCompleted

Website Testing



Network Planned Outage

All Servers and systems

6/13/14 8:00 p.m6/14/14 6:00 a.mCompleted

Network Upgrades



Test of Datatel

All clients

5/28/149 am to 4:30 pmCompleted

KACE ticketing system

Ticketing system

5/9/14No ETRResolved

Lakehead University Website


5/9/145/9/14 8:50 a.mResolved


Ticketing System


Datatel Reboot

Datatel, myInfo




4/30/144/30/14 11:06 a.mResolved



4/30/144/30/14 9:11 AMResolved


Test, Dev, Training

4/29/14No ETRCompleted


Kace ticketing system

4/15/141 HourCompleted

myInfo Course Registration


4/14/14No ETRResolved


Network, Phone





Datatel Colleague


11/14/13 4:30 p.m11/14/13 5:00 p.mCompleted

Network connectivity 

Braun building


External website connectivity 

Google mail, external websites


ERP system offline


10/19/1310/19/13 3:00 p.mCompleted

myEmail, myInfo, datatel processes

myEmail, myInfo, Datatel


TSC Maintenance - Tuesday, Oct. 8

Possible file, print and web services


ERP System Shutdown - Saturday, Oct. 5

myInfo, Colleague and Benefactor

10/05/1310/05/13 8 am to 5 pmCompleted

Centennial Building Network Outage Tonight (Oct. 2) 6-9 pm


10/02/1310/02/13 9 PMCompleted

Internal server issues: Outage affecting multiple services including Fileserver 1



Intelliresponse "Question? Ask us feature


09/25/13No ETRCompleted

Datatel And myInfo Updates


Scheduled MaintenanceNone07/30/1307/30/13Completed
Network MaintenanceNone08/06/13 08/06/13 Completed
Test of Mass Notification System in ATACNone08/13/1308/13/13Completed