Do you wonder what system you have?

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What Operating System Do I Have?


If you would like to see what Operating System (OS) you have, please see the following documents that will take you step by step to identify your OS.


1.Select Settings > about phone/device.

Picture of device information showing android operating system version

2. Look for "Android Version"  This will tell you the Android operating system version.


Click Start > right mouse click on computer > Left mouse click properties.

My computer properties in windows

2. Look for "Windows edition" and the operating version right below.

My computer properties in Windows 7

IOS (Apple Iphone, Ipod Touch, IPad)

1. Open Settings from your main page.
2. Go to "General Section" on left and select "about"
IOS settings (Apple)
3. Scroll down to OS version.
Please note: You can also find your OS version by going to the General settings and Update OS window. This will give you the OS version you are currently running.

Blackberry OS version 6 Or 7

1. Select "Options"
2. Select "Device"
3. Select "About Device Versions"

Look for the BB OS version, it will look Like V.X.X.X.XX


 Please see Apple OSX instructions on how to identify your version of OSX