Using the New Xerox Multifunction Devices

The new devices utilize our existing print system.  The same method is used to print to the devices directly.  If you have a balance on your student/print card it can be transferred over to the new system.  This can be done at the Chancellor Paterson Library Circulation desk, Education Library Circulation desk or the Print Shop.

Xerox devices are located in the Chancellor Paterson Library main floor, the Education Library, Bora Laskin 2nd floor lounge and the ATAC Building (3rd and 5th floors).  Scan-to-email functionality is enabled on all of the new devices (5955i and 7855i).  Scanning in colour or monochrome can be selected for all devices as well.

If you approach the device and notice that the Power or Energy Saver button is lit, you will need to press it to wake up the device before you can use it.  These devices will go to sleep during periods of inactivity.  The button is located on the far right of the panel

Photo of button panel with the power button indicated.

***NEW***  Login for print release with card and PIN

If you are logging in with a card method, tap the card on the card reader shown below:

Card tap login

You will then be prompted for a PIN.  Enter the PIN and press “OK”.


To log into the device press the Log In/Out button
Photo of numeric button panel with the Log In/Out button indicated.
It is important to remember that this is always the first (and last) step.  Pressing this will bring up the following screen

Photo of touch screen with Alternate Login indicated.

Press Alternate Login
Presently you can authenticate with two methods, either with your Student number and PIN or Username and Password.  Before you can authenticate using the Student number and PIN method, you must first create a PIN.  

For information on Creating or Changing your PIN here.

Either enter your Username or Student Number (the student number must be seven(7) digits including the zeros).  Press OK