Remark Test Grading Cloud

Remark Test Grading Cloud offers testing enhancements and flexibility for faculty and teaching staff that utilize these services at Lakehead University. Remark Test Grading Cloud is an easy-to-use, efficient, and secure web-based solution for creating and grading assessments that use Remark answer sheets. The robust features and options provide instructors with the tools to easily create custom answer sheets and answer keys for in-class tests, quizzes, exams, and other assessments. Results from answer sheets are immediately available after they are uploaded to Remark Cloud, saving valuable time and minimizing administrative tasks.

In Remark Test Grading Cloud:

  • Develop answer sheets from templates or create custom sheets from scratch
  • Choose from multiple choice, open response, and math question types
  • Include test questions on answer sheets
  • Align and track test questions to course objectives
  • Create answer keys to automatically grade objective tests
  • Grade open response questions directly in Remark Cloud
  • Develop custom scoring formats and grade scales
  • Review and adjust (if necessary) flagged responses
  • Choose from 9 powerful reports on student, class and item performance on the test

How to configure Remark Test Grading Cloud

Please Note: A Remark Cloud License is needed for this service. You may request a license via TSC's ticketing system.
For guidance on configuring Remark's Test Grading Cloud environment, video instructions are available on Remark's support website. Guidance in written format is also available below:

  1. Log in to Remark Cloud:
    1. Go to
    2. Enter your full Lakehead email address in the username box then click Next.
    3. Enter your personal Lakehead University credentials then click Login.
    4. A Remark welcome message may appear. Click Got it and continue.
  2. Import a D2L Course into Remark (to pull in the class roster):
    1. Click on the New Class button.
    2. Select Import from D2L.
      1. You may be prompted to log into D2L - if so, log in with your LU credentials.
      2. A D2L prompt will appear asking if you would like to allow the app (Remark) to operate using your account. Click Accept.
      3. This allows Remark and D2L to safely send information between the systems. Once accepted, the prompt will not appear on subsequent logins.
    3. Choose the Course to be imported.
    4. Click the Link and Sync button.
      1. The linked course will now appear on your Remark Dashboard.
      2. TIP: Multiple classes can be linked and synced at the same time by selecting all of the courses to be imported.
      3. A message will be displayed next to each course that is already linked.
  3. Create an Answer Sheet for a paper-based test:
    1. Click on the Course Title for the class you would like to make an answer sheet.\
    2. Click the New Test button.
    3. Select Create Using Test Designer.
    4. Enter a Name for the test that is representative of the actual test (e.g., Mid-Term).
    5. Select the “I would like to use an existing answer sheet design” option.
    6. Select the answer sheet format from the Answer Sheet Designs dropdown menu that most closely matches the number of questions for your test (for example if your test will have 75 questions you would select Lakehead - 100 Multiple Choice (A-E)).
    7. Click Save Test.
  4. Create an Answer Key:
    1. Click the Create Answer Key button.
    2. Select the correct responses for each question.
    3. Click the Save Answer Key button.
  5. Print the Answer Sheets:
    1. Click the Distribute button then select For Paper (Download and Print).
    2. If you would like to print extra answer sheets, enter a number in the Number of Additional Blank Tests field located under Print Preferences otherwise, only one answer sheet per student will be printed.
    3. Uncheck Include Answer Key (if it is checked).
    4. Click Download Tests. A preview of the answer sheets will appear.
    5. Click the download button near the top-right of the document viewer to download the pdf to your computer.
    6. Print the file from your computer to a Xerox printer. Instructions on using the on-campus printers can be viewed here:
      1. Tip: Print multiple-page answer sheets double-sided.
  6. Scanning Completed Answer Sheets:
    1. Scan completed answer sheets on any of the Xerox copiers located on the university campuses. By default, scans are sent to your email account.
    2. Instructions for scanning can be viewed here:
  7. Uploading the Scanned Answer Sheets to Remark:
    1. Log in to Remark and select the course where the scanned document will be uploaded. 
    2. Click D2L then Sync with D2L to update the class roster in Remark. This ensures your class roster in Remark reflects all current registrations. 
    3. Click on the title of the test you will be grading.
    4. Click the Grade button.
    5. Click Select Files. Find and select the scanned pdf document then select Open. The scanned file will now appear in the Grade Tests window.
    6. Click the Grade Tests button.
    7. Wait for a green popup at the bottom-right of the page that says Job Finished.  When the system has finished processing the answer sheets, the results will appear on the screen.
  8. Reviewing flagged images and exceptions:
    1. If there are problems with any of the scanned answer sheets, the Remark system flags these and lists the number of flagged items in the Test Summary section under Flagged Images and Exceptions.
    2. Click the yellow box under Flagged Images to review the problem image(s) (the yellow box will only appear if there are flagged images that need to be reviewed).
    3. Remark will take you through each of the issues one by one. Most issues can be solved by telling Remark which student the answer sheet should be tied to. The steps to do this are:
      1. Select Yes, regrade the test.
      2. Find and select the student through the Respondent dropdown list
      3. Click Regrade test.
    4. Click the red box under Exceptions and resolve issues accordingly (the red box will only appear if there are exceptions that need to be reviewed).
  9. Download the Grade Report:
    1. Click Reports.
    2. Check the box(es) beside any of the reports that you would like to download.
    3. Click Run Reports or Email Me Reports.


If you are using the D2L Grades tool for tracking all graded assessments for your course, you can easily pass the grades collected in Remark to D2L. To use this option, a quiz and grade item in D2L need to be set up for each test before the grades can be synced.

Sending the Test Grades from Remark to D2L:

  1. On the D2L site:
    1. Click Quizzes.
    2. Click New Quiz.
    3. Enter the Name of the quiz.
      1. Tip: Name this quiz/test the same as the test in Remark.
    4. Click on the Assessment tab.
    5. Click Add Grade Item.
    6. Enter a Name for the grade item.
      1. Tip: Name the grade item the same as the test in Remark.
    7. Enter a Maximum Points value that matches the max point value of the test in Remark.
    8. Click Save.
    9. Check the Automatically update evaluations in grade book when published checkbox.
    10. Click Save and Close.
      1. Note: Do not make any other changes to the quiz settings or make the quiz visible.
  2. In Remark:
    1. Select the course and then the test for which you want to export the grades.
    2. Click Link Test at the top-right then Link to D2L.
    3. Select the Quiz name that was entered in step 1c above from the dropdown menu.
    4. Click Link and Sync.
    5. Click Sync Grades beside the Respondent Scores section heading then Sync with D2L.
    6. The grades can now be found in the Grades tool of D2L.

Recordings of Past Remark Cloud Workshops

Note: You will be required to sign in to your Lakehead University account to view the recordings.

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