Remark Exams in Orillia

Remark exams processed for Orillia do not need to be shipped to Thunder Bay.  All sheets are now scanned in on a Xerox multi-function device and arrive at the Helpdesk immediately.

  • Instructions on how to scan in an exam using the 5955 model can be found here
  • Instructions on how to scan in an exam using the 8055 model can be found here.
  • At this time, this can only be done on the Xerox multi-function device located in the Orillia Academic building 3rd floor print room. 

NOTE: Only Faculty or Staff can access the scan to folder option needed for scanning in exams.

  • If you encounter difficulty in scanning your exam, please contact the Helpdesk, or the Administrative Assistant(AA), Interdisciplinary Studies (Carolyn Rimkey).
  • Exams should be prepared for scanning with all sheets included and in order. 
  • The correct order will include a cover sheet on the top, any answer keys next, lastly the student answer sheets. 
  • Exams not properly prepared cannot be processed. 
  • If you are including exam sheets from Accessibility services, make sure you collect and include those with the main exam.
  • A cover sheet allows us to ensure we have the proper exam to associate with the intake sheet (similar to a fax cover sheet).

Blank Remark exam sheets are ordered through the print shop, and are available through the AA of Interdisciplinary Studies Carolyn Rimkey (