Remark Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

There are three parts to the Remark OMR

  1. Remark Intake Form (example)
  2. Master Answer Sheet(s) (example)
  3. Student Answer Sheets (example)

How to use Remark (Thunder Bay)

  1. Complete the Remark Intake Form (pdf).  Email the completed form to
  2. Pick-up blank Student Answer Sheets at Printing and Mail Services, or order them at the Print Shop with your exams.
  3. Completed Remark Master Answer Sheet(s) and Student Answer Sheets can be brought to the Technology Services Center (TSC) Helpdesk in the Chancellor Paterson Library LI1015 Monday to Friday during normal business hours.  Forms must be machine ready - stacked neatly and all facing the same direction.  Creased or damaged forms may not be read in.
  4. Exams are accepted during Helpdesk's operational hours.  The normal processing time is within 48hrs but this may vary during peak times or higher than normal call volumes.
  5. All reports are available electronically as pdfs, spreadsheets or hardcopies upon request. Results will be posted within a ticket labelled after the course code in our Helpdesk queue. To log in to our ticketing system, please click here.

Please Note: Exam sheets cannot be left with the Library staff during normal business hours or on weekends.

For information on how to use Remark (Orillia), please click here.

Student Answer Sheets

  • Only use Student Answer Sheets obtained from Printing and Mail Services.  Copies or any other reproduction of the answer sheets will not work.
  • The Instructor should inform the students on the correct manner in which the forms are to be completed.
  • The form is to be completed using an HB or darker pencil.
  • The form will read blue or black ink but it can’t be erased
  • Whiteout CANNOT be used to erase incorrect markings.
  • Example of a properly filled out Student Sheet can be found here.
  • The student must fill in their 7 digit student number including the zeroes and name or the form will not be marked.
  • The student must fill in the test form version, even if there is only one test form.

Before beginning the test the student should do the following:

  • Complete the student ID Number section and write their name in the Name field.
  • If multiple versions of test you MUST mark off correct version or form will not be marked.

Master Answer Sheets

  • A master answer sheet must be submitted by the instructor with the tests to be marked.
  • The master answer sheet must have the test form marked off.  Four versions of the exam are allowed and each answer sheet would be marked with A,B,C, or D.
  • Multiple answers may be given per question, and must be noted on Intake sheet also. For multiple answer you can have the answer to be either AND or OR. For example if you have the answer for question 5 as c AND b and mark off AND on options sheet, students would have to answer both c AND b to get a mark. But if you mark off OR on options sheet the student can have either c OR b to get a mark.
  • Test form version must be filled in, even if there is only one test form.
  • If you have more than one version of exam you don’t have to sort them. The program will mark them by the test form letter.
  • Do not staple or fold answer sheets

How does Remark compare to Scantron?

  • The cost for Student Answer Sheets are the same
  • Pickup Student Answer Sheets at Printing and Mail Services instead of the Bookstore
  • Processing time is faster with remark
  • Multiple answers per questions are allowed
  • Changes and corrections to the Master Answer Sheet are easier to process

Note: After January 1, 2018 Scantron system will not be used.

Online Alternatives
As an alternative to the Remark bubble sheets, faculty can create online tests and quizzes within myCourselink.
Getting started with myCourselink
More help is available from the Teaching Commons