Researcher of the Year

The Researcher of the Year is awarded annually by the Faculty of Business Administration to one tenured or tenure-track faculty member to recognize outstanding research and scholarly activities and accomplishments. The criteria of the Award are primarily based on research and scholarly activities over a 12-month period.

List of Past Recipients

2023Dr. Mirit Grabarski
2020Dr. Will Zhao
2019 Dr. Farshid Shams
2018 Dr. Irfan Butt
2017 Dr. Yuanyuan Wu
2016 Dr. Wing Him Yeung
2015 Dr. Asad Aman
2014 Dr. Claudio Pousa
2013 Dr. Hui Zhang
2012 Dr. Alexander Serenko
2010 Dr. Camillo Lento
2009 Dr. Alexander Serenko