Lakehead University's Faculty of Business Administration has remained steadfast to one central belief, that there can only be achievement through effort. This belief guides our admissions, our program designs, our assignments and the very behaviour of our faculty itself. You might say the work ethic is alive and well in this school. This is not to say that brilliance and intuition are not rewarded, but hard work is still the key to success. Effort alone, of course, without a clear understanding of the events and circumstances surrounding us and the capacity to adapt to those circumstances, is not enough. Our programs therefore emphasize the importance of learning to selectively focus that effort.

Over the past five decades, the Faculty of Business Administration has demonstrated ongoing flexibility and adaptability in providing innovative programming to meet the evolving needs of students and employers. The school has based much of its development on meeting the changing needs of local, regional, and national stakeholders in business education. There is an ongoing tradition of developing and maintaining close links between faculty and local businesses - many faculty also maintain links with regional and national businesses, professional bodies, and government agencies. However, these relationships could not be sustained without our commitment to academic excellence.

The Faculty of Business Administration remains committed to the pursuit of excellence and welcomes all who would travel with us to share the journey.