International Dual Degrees

International Dual Degree words and Lakehead Logos


 Two Degrees beside a graduation cap

Earn Two Degrees in Four Years*

Graduate on time with all of your peers*, while earning the distinction of holding an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Lakehead and another undergraduate degree from Europe.

A picture of the world with a plane flying across the ocean from Canada to Europe

A Unique Experience

Your third year of study will be spent in a European destination at one of our partner universities. Credits taken abroad with count towards both degrees. Your courses remain in English while you experience global culture.

Money Being saved

Pay No Additional Tuition

All of your tuition fees are covered in Lakehead University’s standard Honours Bachelor of Commerce four-year* program structure. You'll receive two separate degrees and pay tuition for only one**


 Union Jack Flag Northumbria University, UK

France Flag Rennes School of Business, France



At the end of the International Dual Degree program, you graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Lakehead University in your choice of major and a degree from the partner institution of your choice (potentially with a separate major).

Though first year courses will be the same for all students, the specific graduation requirements at Lakehead University will depend on your choice of major . A meeting with your Program Chair is essential to determine whether any adjustments are required to your Lakehead University courses.

* Students in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting major) must take an additional year. Most other majors are possible with consultation.
** Not including living and travel expenses, repeated courses, or additional semesters needed for some students (eg. Accounting).
***Internship may be a requirement depending on the partner institution.