Degree Checklist - Thunder Bay Campus

The Degree Checklist is a valuable tool that helps you keep track of your progress and create your course plan for the upcoming academic year.

How to use the Degree Checklist

Note: This is for general guidance only. Please contact the Academic Advising Team if you are unsure of which checklist to use, are a part-time student, are a transfer student, had to repeat courses, or had a gap year. The final program requirements are subject to the approval of the Faculty of Business Administration and Lakehead University.

Step 1: Choose the Degree Checklist that corresponds to your declared or intended major.

Step 2: Fill out the Degree Checklist by referring to your transcript.

Step 3: Create your course plan, based on your completed Degree Checklist and the Timetable. 

Have questions while or after completing the Degree Checklist? Speak to the Faculty of Business Administration Academic Advising Team. We are here to help!