Contract LTD Summary and Information Booklet


60 % of monthly basic earnings to a maximum benefit of $5,000 per month, reduced by direct offsets and indirect offsets.  Note:  The benefit amount will be further reduced, if necessary, so that total benefit income from all sources does not exceed 80% of pre-disability monthly net income.

Elimination Period

119 days or 17 weeks

Pregnancy – The elimination period commences on the date pregnancy terminates, or if earlier, the date you are totally disabled.

Maximum Indemnity Period

For a maximum of 3 years, not to exceed the employee’s 65th birthday.

Benefits under this Long Term Disability Insurance Provision are non-taxable.

When an insured Employee becomes totally disabled* according to the terms of this benefit and the Company has begun making monthly benefit payments, then the benefit payments shall cease on the earliest of:

  • The date the insured employee ceases to be totally disabled; or
  • The date when the specified maximum benefit period has been reached, or the attainment of age 65; or
  • The date on which the disabled employee fails to furnish satisfactory proof of the continuance of total disability, or fails to submit an examination requested by the Company; or
  • The date the employee is not under the continuous care of a Physician who has the medical credentials deemed appropriate to the Company; or
  • The date the employee refuses to enter a Rehabilitation Program which is considered appropriate by the Company; or
  • The date the insured employee dies.

*totally disabled – you are considered totally disabled if you are deemed not able by the Company to perform at least 60% of the regular duties of your own occupation for any employer for which you are reasonably fitted or could so become by training, education, or experience

LTD Information Booklet

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