An inclusive University supporting the diverse and shared wellness needs of our students, faculty and staff.


To embed systemic health and wellness practices and services in our University to support the well-being of the communities we work, study and live in.

Guiding Framework

  1. Institutional Structure: Organization, Planning, and Policy
  2. Supportive Inclusive Campus Climate and Environment
  3. Wellness Awareness and Education
  4. Accessible Wellness Services

Our Trail to Wellness

Lakehead University is committed to supporting the holistic health and well-being of our Lakehead community, recognizing that investing in the enhancement of health and wellness interventions will better position us for success in both the classroom and the workplace. Our wellness strategy was developed through an iterative and multi-phased process which identified constructive themes and included opportunities for an increased focus: campus safety, physical and mental health, healthy eating, and overall healthy behaviour and habits.

Download an accessible copy of our 2020-2025 Wellness Strategy

Join Us!!

Therapy Dogs

Visit your favourite stress relief every Tuesday from 12-1pm in the Student Health and Wellness Activity Room on the Thunder Bay campus. Faculty and Staff welcome!! Click here for more information.

Wellness Calendar of Events - Open to Staff and Faculty!

For a full listing of Wellness activities open to faculty and staff including Orillia Therapy Dog visits, Mindful Meditation, Yoga Sessions, Workshops, and so much more, please visit the Student Health and Wellness Events page for more information.

Supporting Students in Distress - Information and resources for faculty and staff

Click here for further employee Wellness Resources

Six students hanging out in the shade on Lakehead campus

Help celebrate health and wellness with Lakehead

We want to hear what health and wellness means to you and how you incorporate it in your life and off campus. Just click below and follow the steps to build and submit your story as an individual or as a team.

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