Tuition Waiver Benefit for Staff, Spouse or Dependent

This program is intended to provide eligible employees and their family members with the opportunity of furthering their educational/career development by making Lakehead University undergraduate and graduate courses available to them at reduced cost.

Please read the Tuition Waiver Policy to determine your eligibility for this benefit.

To apply for the Tuition Waiver Benefit, complete the electronic form by the submission deadline listed below.

Submission Deadlines

July 31st: Fall/Winter Terms, Fall Term Only
November 30th: Winter Term Only
April 15th: Spring/Summer Terms, Spring Term Only
June 15th: Summer Term Only

Once the Tuition Waiver is applied to the student account you will be notified by email (via the email address included in your submission).  Provided the appropriate submission deadlines are adhered to, the tuition waiver will be credited to the student account by the payment deadline date.


Q: Are all fields mandatory?
A: Yes, unless otherwise specified. Please fill in all required fields.
Q: Can I save a partially filled form and submit it later?
A: No, please gather and fill in all the required information before submitting.
Q: Which email address should I use?
A: Please use your personal Lakehead email when submitting a tuition waiver form. Do not use role-based or departmental accounts due to the sensitive nature of the information that you are required to provide.
Q: How do I ensure the accuracy of the information provided?
A: Double-check all entered data before submission to ensure accuracy. Any errors could impact the processing or approval of your request.
Q: What should I do if I realize I have made an error?
A: Submissions are final. If you notice an error, please notify your supervisor to cancel your request. A new submission will be required.
Q: Can I apply for the waiver before registering the courses?
A: Yes, however, the tuition waiver will not be processed/approved by Accounts Receivable before registration and billing is complete.
Q: Can I submit the form for non-credit courses?
A: No, the tuition waiver is only applicable for credit courses.
 Q: Can the Lakehead University Tuition Waiver be used for a student of Northern Ontario School of Medicine University?
 A: No, the tuition waiver cannot be used towards tuition fees for courses offered by institutions who may be our partners or affiliates (NOSM, Georgian etc).
Q: Is there a submission deadline?
A: Yes, please refer to the top of the form for submission deadlines pertaining to terms. Late submissions may not be considered or could be subject to late payment fees. Visit this website for payment deadline dates.
Q: Can I edit the form after my submission?
A: No, submissions are final. Ensure all information is accurate before hitting the submit button.
Q: How do I know the status of my form submission?
A: You will receive confirmation that your application has been reviewed by Human Resources and a final notice once Accounts Receivable has applied the tuition waiver to the student account.
Q: How will I know if my form has been successfully submitted?
A: Upon successful submission you will be redirected to a webpage where you will receive confirmation you form has been submitted. From this page you have the option to download, print or email the submitted form for your reference.
Q: What do I do if my Tuition Waiver is rejected?
A: If your submission is rejected you will be notified via email. Kindly review any comments in the approval pane for additional information on why your submission was rejected or contact your supervisor. At any time, you can submit a new request, but you are encouraged to address any concerns or errors prior to resubmitting.
Q: Can I apply for a tuition waiver for past courses?
A: Tuition waivers must be submitted by the deadlines outlined for each course.
Q: My supervisor is not listed in the selection, can I choose someone else?
A: No, if your supervisor is not listed, please complete the following form to advise our office. 
Q: I/my dependent has a middle name, where can I mention it?
A: A middle name is not required, but you can use the Given Name(s) field for both first and middle names.
Q: What if my requested academic year is not listed?
A: Please reach out to the Office of Human Resources at
Q: What if I encounter technical issues while filling the form?
A: Contact the Office of Human Resources at immediately, providing details of
the issue. Technical assistance will be provided as soon as possible.
Q: What if I have further questions not covered here?
A: Feel free to reach out to the Office of Human Resources at for any additional queries.