Employee Experience Survey

We Want to Hear From You - October 2022

About the Survey

What is the Lakehead University Employee Experience Survey? 
The Lakehead University Employee Survey is a questionnaire designed to provide a snapshot of Lakehead’s strengths as an employer and identify opportunities for improvement. As we work together to foster environments that reflect our people first philosophy, we’re reaching out to employees to learn about our strengths, and to help identify areas where we can improve. 
Why conduct a survey of Lakehead Staff? 
Lakehead has a diverse workforce, and every aspect, area and role in our organization is instrumental to student engagement and success. The feedback will help us develop targeted initiatives to address gaps and concerns in current employee experiences, celebrate our successes as well as to continue to retain and attract excellent faculty and staff. As outlined in the survey consultations from our first survey in 2019, Lakehead’s leadership is interested in what employees have to say and are committed to acting on the results. 
 Who is being invited to complete the survey? 
All faculty and staff at Lakehead are invited to complete the survey. Is this survey voluntary? What are the benefits of completing a survey? Yes. You can decline to answer any or all of the questions. With that being said, your participation is necessary for us to get a complete picture of what it is like to work at Lakehead. By completing your survey, you will contribute to improving the experience of working at Lakehead. 
Who is administering the survey?  
Metrics@Work, an external survey organization, will administer the survey. Metrics@Work is a leading provider of organizational measurement and consulting with extensive experience developing surveys for academic institutions. They have operated since 1999 starting as a business based research laboratory at Brock University. In 2007 they became an independent incorporated business. 
 How was the survey developed? 
The survey questions were developed in consultation with Metrics@Work and Lakehead University and are based on comparator organization and industry best practice standards. Lakehead has chosen questions that will help us to improve the employee experience and reflect the major survey themes. Most questions were selected from the Metrics@Work database, which will allow us to compare the experience of our employees with other sector-related comparators in Canada, as well as other Canadian public sector institutions. Additionally, our goal is to continue to survey on a recurring basis. This will allow us to look at different questions in the future, but also to begin to compare results in subsequent years. 
 Is the online survey accessible? 
The survey is accessible for individuals who use screen readers such as JAWS, MAC VoiceOver, Windows Eyes or ZoomText. If you are having any difficulty accessing the survey please contact Metrics@Work at 1-800-726-4082 or info@metricsatwork.com. 


Collecting Responses

Who will see my responses? 
To ensure privacy and confidentiality, Lakehead and Metrics@Work have taken a number of measures:

• The survey is anonymous. You will NOT be asked for personal identifiers in the survey such as your name, birth date, or employee number.

Metrics@Work will receive your email addresses in order to administer the survey but will not link email addresses to your responses in any way when providing results to Lakehead.

• No one at Lakehead will have access to individual survey responses. Metrics@Work will not provide Lakehead with raw data/individual information.

• Your responses will remain anonymous. To ensure anonymity of your responses, Lakehead will only receive aggregated group data – not individual responses. Reports will only be provided for groups with at least 5 or more survey respondents. No groups can be combined or reported on in any way that would violate this rule or identify any individual response.

• For the open text questions where you are asked to write a response, Metrics@Work will remove any names from the responses and will provide verbatim comments to Lakehead in a separate report. Please be careful not to identify yourself or any other individual by your comments.

Metrics@Work follows the principles outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement: “Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans”, to maintain confidentiality of your responses.


Completing the Survey

How long will the survey run? 
The survey can be completed any time from October 3, 2022 to October 23, 2022. 
How long will it take to complete the survey? 
It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey. 
How will I complete the survey? 
On October 3, 2022, you will receive an email from Metrics@Work Survey Delivery <noreply@qemailserver.com> with the subject line “Welcome to the 2022 Lakehead University Employee Experience Survey.” The email will include a web link that you will use to access your survey. The web link will also be listed in the Communications Bulletin emails as well as on the Lakehead University website. 
What happens next? 
Following completion of the survey period, Metrics@Work will collate the results and prepare and deliver reports to Lakehead detailing the feedback received. Reports will be provided and presented to the Executive Team and subsequently, the Senior Management Team. Shortly after reports are received and discussed with Senior Management, they will be disseminated to staff in each area for review, discussion, and goal development. 


Promotional Posters

The 2019 Employee Experience Survey was the impetus for the Orillia Engagement Committee.
The 2019 Survey results brought to the forefront the value of additional staff training and workshops.
The survey identified that staff were interested in outcomes-based communication related to their work.


After a thorough review of the results, it was clear that management was strong and moving in a positive direction.
We want to hear from you. October 3-23. Promotional Poster