Lakehead University has invested in a comprehensive benefits package for eligible employees. For details on the benefits that are available to you, please begin by choosing your Employee Group.  If you are unsure if you are eligible for benefits, please refer to your offer letter or contact the Office of Human Resources.

If you are new to benefits, but have not participated in the benefits orientation session, please contact us immediately.

All benefit inquires can be sent to:

All additional information on the comprehensive benefits for eligible employees can be found here:  Benefits Information

Benefit News

Check out Room For Her Talks! New webinar series kicks off on Monday June 13

Greenshield is excited to announce the launch of Room For Her Talks, a new webinar series featuring conversations with therapists and wellness experts about women's mental health. The series begins on Monday June 13 at 1 p.m. ET with a discussion titled What Does Caregiver Empowerment Look Like?

In this one-hour conversation, it's all about caregiver burnout and learning to take care of you, too. We'll discuss how the division of labour impacts women's mental health, including recognizing signs of caregiver burnout and, most importantly, how to build better boundaries and take care of ourselves. Supporting the conversation is Yasmine Cheyenne, a therapist and founder of The Sugar Community App, a self-care toolbox built for everyone, especially those who play the role of caregiver in their life. Click here to register for the webinar.

Find out what GSC's Dietitian Health Coaching program can do for you

We know that maintaining a well-balanced diet is much easier said than done. To help you achieve your nutrition and health goals (for yourself and your eligible dependents age 16+), check out our Dietitian Health Coaching program (click here and scroll to the bottom). The program consists of four sessions, delivered over four to eight months with a registered dietitian at a participating store location. There is also a remote/virtual option available.
Your benefits plan may include full or partial coverage for the Dietitian Health Coaching program (the cost is $200), and if it doesn't, you still get access to the preferred rate. Not to worry though, a Loblaw dietitian can confirm your coverage information. Click here to book an appointment.



Try the Change4Life Mindfulness Challenge before the end of June... and look out for our upcoming Steps Challenge
As always, there's plenty of buzz over on Change4Life. First, you have a couple more weeks to try out our Mindfulness Challenge, which wraps up at the end of June. Then get ready for our Steps Challenge, starting on July 1 and running through to September 30.
Plus, at any time, complete the Change4Life health risk assessment for more insights on your health and recommended learning modules.