Employee Benefits

Lakehead University has invested in a comprehensive benefits package for eligible employees.

If you are new to benefits and have not received the benefits orientation email (which provides informational documents and enrollment forms), please contact us immediately via email at benefits.hr@lakeheadu.ca.

All benefit inquires can be sent to  benefits.hr@lakeheadu.ca . If you are unsure if you are eligible for benefits, please refer to your offer letter or email us. For details on the benefits that are available to you, please begin by choosing your Employee

All additional information on the comprehensive benefits for eligible employees can be found here: Benefits Information

Employee Groups: Benefit Package

Benefit News

Travel coverage enhancements as of January 1, 2023

Effective January 1, 2023, GSC will be enhancing their standard travel product to provide additional support for plan members experiencing an unforeseen medical emergency while travelling. This new enhanced travel product will replace the current standard travel product. For plan sponsors with unique/non-standard travel plans, there will be no impact to your plan on January 1, 2023.

The enhancements include increases to reimbursement levels for existing eligible expenses along with the inclusion of expenses that were previously excluded. 


Providing substance-use management support

Green Shield has partnered with ALAViDA, a Life Speak company, to offer accessible, low-barrier substance-use management coverage through your employee benefits plan. 

ALAViDA is included in Green Shield’s Digital Clinic – the suite of carefully vetted virtual health solutions – so GSC plan members age 18 and older can benefit from a personalized, evidence-based program to support unaddressed substance use.  To learn more log into your GSC everywhere account.  Under the “Offerings” tab you can find the Digital Clinic.


The Health Depot 




Have you checked out Tranquility by Inkblot?

As a quick reminder, Tranquility by Inkblot is a digital internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) platform that helps to manage anxiety and depression. If you are looking for mental health services from the comfort of home, this platform provides interactive learning modules and tools to help you develop positive coping strategies and reduce life-disrupting symptoms.

This program, available at a discount for GSC plan members residing in Canada and their eligible dependents (age 15+), may be partially or fully covered under your benefit plan. Even if it isn’t covered, the lower rates are still available. Learn More...


Vision care options, from the comfort of home

GSC and KITS, a leading Canadian eyewear e-retailer, have joined forces to help you get the most out of your vision care coverage. With exclusive offers and a seamless checkout process (plus integration with GSC everywhere to reduce out-of-pocket costs), shopping for prescription eyewear has never been easier! Check It Out!


Managing your dependents’ information via GSC everywhere

If changing information about your dependents for your benefits plan means filling in a form or contacting your benefits administrator, we have good news for you. Starting on September 28, 2022, a new feature will be available on the GSC everywhere website that enables you to manage dependent information quickly and easily – 24/7/365. This includes adding a new dependent, such as a spouse (married or common law) or a child (through birth, adoption, or legal guardianship), updating dependent information, such as their name, date of birth, sex, and in-school status, and removing a dependent, such as in a separation or divorce. Read more...