mycourselink Terms and Conditions

Lakehead University uses Brightspace (D2L) as its online learning management system for fully online courses and as an online component for on-campus classes to enhance both the teaching and learning of course materials. Please be aware that the learning management system tracks and records all user activity to ensure the proper recording and generation of assessment results, and to recover data if necessary. Also, learners' access of course materials (along with date of access) is recorded. This information may be used for: ascertaining whether cheating has occurred, ensuring that online course materials are easily accessible, and gauging the relative effectiveness of course material. It may also be used for statistical purposes. Course instructors and system administrators have access to this tracking information.

In addition, to assist in the execution of their duties, instructors and teaching assistants authorized by the instructors who employ the mycourselink/D2L system in their courses will have access to your following personal information in the mycourselink/D2L database:  your username, student number, and first and last names.  All Lakehead University teaching personnel with access to personal information in the mycourselink/D2L system may, and know they are permitted to, access, use, and disclose that information only to the extent necessary for them to carry out their instructional and marking duties and must treat it as otherwise strictly confidential. All such information is collected under the authority of section 14 of the Lakehead University Act. Questions on this collection and use of personal information may be directed to:  Teaching Commons, 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5E1. email:

This course may have multiple sections with the same instructor on the one mycourselink/D2L site. Students should be aware that, when they access the mycourselink/D2L system, their first, last and user names will become apparent to all the students in the multiple sections of this course. By continuing to log into this course site, students are deemed to have consented to this disclosure. If students have any questions or concerns about this disclosure, they should direct them to the course instructor.

The information in this online course is meant for use only by students currently enrolled in it. Students should NOT give access to their accounts to anyone for any reason. Requests to provide outside parties with class materials will be handled on an individual request basis and will never require you to share your login information. Failure to abide by this requirement could result in loss of your mycourselink account, failure in the class, or other appropriate action.

All content hosted on this site including (but not limited to) any and all audio and video content or portion thereof, web pages, and content, is protected by Canadian copyright laws, and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning, and students to assist in the learning process. Such content is either copyright to Lakehead University, all rights reserved, copyright of the course instructor, or as otherwise stated in the particular materials.

Content is provided for the express use of Lakehead University, its faculty, staff, and students. The duplication, redistribution, or reselling of this content is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Lakehead University.

Users of the learning management system are expected to have regular and reliable access to the Internet in order to access their online courses. High-speed Internet is highly recommended. Please ensure that your computer meets the necessary System and Software Requirements. Note, that these requirements are for accessing the learning management system and its tools. They do not cover any applications/programs that may be required to open/access documents within course sites.

The university is not responsible for fixing problems or trouble-shooting issues users may have with their own personal computers and related equipment or purchased services (e.g., Internet services).

Support documentation for mycourselink/D2L can be accessed once logged in to the learning management system under the Help link on the navigation menu.

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Protect your privacy by closing the browser when you are finished working in your course.