Remark Test Grading Cloud

Technology Service Centre and the Teaching Commons are pleased to announce that the current Remark OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) exam processing software has been expanded to include Remark Test Grading Cloud.

Remark Test Grading Cloud is an easy-to-use, efficient, and secure web-based solution for creating and grading assessments that use Remark answer sheets.  The robust features and options provide instructors with the tools to easily create custom answer sheets and answer keys for in-class tests, quizzes, exams, and other assessments.  Results from answer sheets are immediately available after they are uploaded to Remark Cloud, saving valuable time and minimizing administrative tasks.

Remark Cloud also links directly with D2L course sites to seamlessly pull student rosters and sync with the D2L grades tool allowing faculty and teaching staff to manage the grading process on their own terms and timelines, avoiding delays in mark submission.

If you require assistance with Remark Test Grading Cloud, submit a support ticket to the Remark Processing and Support queue.

For more information visit TSC's Remark Test Grading Cloud page.