myReadings: The new mycourselink extension to easily create a student-centered reading list

There is no one size fits all when it comes to reading lists. Some reading lists may contain one central text, where others are a combination of articles, books and other forms of electronic content (such as videos and websites). No matter the content in your list, encouraging student engagement with readings can be challenging!

myReadings is a dynamic new tool that aims to decrease barriers to access and drive engagement with materials in your reading list. Embedded directly into mycourselink/D2L, myReadings offers you the ability to curate and modify reading lists to fit your pedagogy and learning objectives.

Easily add content to your list

myReadings provides a number of options for uploading content to your list. Features such as the Omni integration and CiteIt! tool pulls citation information and a stable link quickly into your list, whether your citation is a YouTube video or a scholarly journal article.

Full citation information

Students will often cite course readings in assignments or assessments, but require full bibliometric information to do so properly! myReadings ensures that this information is captured and presented in a consistent way.

Student Engagement Features

Discussions, comments and other social engagement features allow you to engage with students on each reading. Students can also “check” when they have completed a reading, or easily report a broken link to the library for quick repair.

Consistent User Experience

The more courses that use myReadings, the more this will be true! With a user-centered interface, myReadings can provide a consistent reading list experience for students across their courses.

Ready to get started, or have more questions about myReadings? Check out the Library Guide or contact the helpful Library staff!

An example of myReadings