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How to Teach Online 101


This self-paced eleven-module mini-course presents best practices for online teaching, course development, assessment, learning outcomes, managing online communities, synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (non-real-time) tools, etc. Through interactive course content and interviews with experienced online, post-secondary instructors, the new-to-online teaching instructor can quickly become familiar with the benefits, challenges, and potential of online education.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Module 1: Benefits and Challenges of Online Education
  • Module 2: Online Teaching Skills
  • Module 3: Instructional Design and Theories of Learning
  • Module 4: Online Course Development
  • Module 5: Learning Outcomes as Blueprints for Design
  • Module 6: Assessment in Online Environments
  • Module 7: Communication Strategies in Online Environments
  • Module 8: Synchronous (real-time) and Asynchronous (non-real-time) Tools
  • Module 9: Online Learning Communities
  • Module 10: Interaction, Engagement and Motivation
  • Module 11: Gamification in Education

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To self-enrol in the How to Teaching Online 101 course:

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  2. Select the Self-Registration: Academic Support and Training link from the Support menu on the right of the mycourselink home page.
  3. Click on the How to Teach Online 101 registration link.
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  7. Click Go to course offering How to Teach Online 101

Learning to Teach Online - New South Wales Online Course


“Learning to Teach Online” is a massive open online course (MOOC) offered by the University of New South Wales on the Coursera platform.

“This course will guide you through your journey of understanding how online technologies can enhance your course design. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of effective online teaching practices and their relationship to the use of different technologies. You will also be encouraged to progressively design and reflect upon your own online learning activity, assessment or resource for use in your own class if you choose to undertake the course assignments.”

Topics covered in this course:

  • Why is Online Teaching Important + Open and Institutionally Supported Technologies
  • Planning Online Learning + Online Learning Activities
  • Online Assessment Strategies + Online Resources
  • Engaging and Motivating Students + Evaluation Strategies

Visit the Coursera website for full details and registration information:


Ontario Extend Program (eCampusOntario)


Ontario Extend is a professional learning program grounded in the belief that the impact of learning should be the primary motivator for creating technology-enabled and online learning experiences. It aims to empower educators to explore a range of emerging technologies and pedagogical practices for effective online and technology-enabled teaching and learning.

Extend explores key skills, knowledge, and attributes required to extend and transform our teaching and learning practices and to enrich our professional development. The program is designed to contribute to the digital fluency of educators and to support their decision making for the appropriate use of digital tools.

Participants can earn digital badges in recognition of successfully completing Extend activities.

The content provided is made available through eCampusOntario and licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.

Topics covered in this resource:

  • Teacher for Learning Module
  • Technologist Module
  • Curator Module
  • Collaborator Module
  • Experimenter Module
  • Scholar Module

Visit the Ontario Extend Program website to get started.