Climate Pedagogy Toolkit

Climate change pedagogy examines how educators and learners can effectively engage with climate change through themes of environmental, economic, political and social justice issues in their teaching and learning practice.

The Teaching and Learning Week Team, the Lake Superior Living Labs Network, and the YOCA (Year of Climate Action) Coordinating Committee have put together a list of resources that can be used to further your learning on climate change, or as teaching tools in the classroom. These resources range from videos, articles, poems, podcasts, websites, and other interactive virtual tools. The toolkit also includes resources referenced in some of the events held during Teaching and Learning Week.

Access the Climate Pedagogy Toolkit here.

The Office of Sustainability would like to compile a list of YOCA class initiatives as a way to track the impact of the YOCA.  Faculty who are integrating the Year of Climate Action into their classroom, whether as a class project, activity, or discussion, to are invited to identify themselves by emailing the Sustainability Coordinator, at <>. There will also be additional opportunities for students involved in YOCA-related projects to showcase their work in the Winter term. If you are integrating the YOCA into your classroom, please reach out and you will be invited to engage in a brief 15-minute follow-up conversation.