Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Certificate

The Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is a free, optional, non-credit program for Lakehead University graduate students that introduces practical aspects of teaching in Canada at the post-secondary level.

  • Running online from October through the following September, the certificate offers modules covering learning theory and practice as well as information about Indigenous research and teaching, the globalization of learning, and the ethics of university teaching.

Six of the seven required modules were prepared by Queen’s University, Western University, and University of Waterloo, and the Indigenous focused module was developed locally.

  • Incoming students have just short of 11 months to work through the included content and submit the necessary assignments to receive the TLHE certificate.

A. Included Modules

1. Fall Term

  • How Students Learn
  • Active Learning
  • Principles of Course Design
  • Assessment Strategies

2. Winter Term

  • Ethical Principles and Professionalism in University Teaching
  • Indigenous Research and Teaching
  • Globalization of Learning

B. Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, successful participants will be able to the following:

  • Articulate principles of how students learn and how instructors can enhance this process
  • Plan active-learning activities implementable in undergraduate courses in their field of study
  • Generate effective learning outcomes (or objectives) relevant to their field 
  • Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of assessment types, tools, and criteria
  • Design a working sample of undergraduate-level authentic assessment relevant to their field of study that links assessment tasks to learning objectives (or outcomes)
  • Construct a sample course outline for a hypothetical undergraduate class based on their own research -- an outline that shows appropriate alignment between stated learning outcomes (or objectives), assessments, and active teaching and learning activities
  • Explain (with examples) best practices for incorporating Indigenous content in a post-secondary class relevant to their field of study, using appropriate terminology and demonstrating informed awareness of Indigenous methodologies, research ethics, and protocols
  • Apply inclusive and interculturally fluent approaches to teaching in their field of study
  • Interpret and apply ethical principles to analyze and propose solutions for a variety of ethical dilemmas in teaching

C. Information Sessions

  • Dates and times for information sessions will be announced in early autumn 2022.

D. Deadline to Register

Registration for the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education certificate program will be available by mid October. 

1. To register, log in to mycourselink. From there, you will do the following:

  • Select “Self Registration" in the top toolbar (above any courses you have pinned).
  • Scroll down and select the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2022-2023.
  • Click on the course name and complete the registration process.

2. You must register online by December 31, 2022, for the Fall session. 

  • MySuccess registration will open in the Winter term if you want the program added to your Co-Curriculuar Record.

E. For More Information