As of May 6th, the upper floors of the Chancellor Paterson Library will be closed due to renovations to the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system, with the work anticipated to be completed by the start of term in September. During that time, the Teaching Commons staff will continue to provide full services remotely. Please contact the team for any teaching-related needs. The Library also has information regarding their operations while the renovation is underway.

Welcome to the Teaching Commons

Empowering Excellence in Teaching and Learning

We are experienced, approachable, understanding collaborators in your teaching journey who provide practical guidance and support for wise and effective teaching and learning practices.

Our Core Values

Within the Teaching Commons, we value the following:

Faculty First: Recognizing all instructors as unique teachers and learners

Inclusiveness: Promoting the creation of teaching and learning environments that embrace decolonization, diversity, and equity, where all feel welcomed, accepted, and respected

Dignity: Treating every individual with dignity and respect

Pragmatism: Providing practical, meaningful, and immediately relevant guidance and assistance

Collaboration: Developing relationships and working in partnership with instructors, staff, and others to carry out our mission of empowering excellence

Innovation: Embracing change and creative, forward-looking solutions to enhance teaching and learning practices

Research-informed Guidance: Using current research to support all aspects of teaching and learning

Core Pillars of Support

The following six pillars frame the Teaching Common’s key areas of focus and responsibility:

Curriculum Development and Design
This pillar involves the creation and enhancement of the university's curriculum. The team supports course development and design, the clarification of learning outcomes, and aligning these outcomes with program goals and objectives. Our team collaborates with faculty members to ensure that courses of study are both meaningful and relevant – and incorporate effective and wise practices of pedagogy as well as Indigegogy.
Pedagogical Support
This pillar focuses on providing pedagogical support to faculty members. Our team assists in instructional design, helps in the development of effective teaching strategies and techniques, and promotes innovative teaching practices. We offer support through workshops, training sessions, and/or individual consultations to enhance teaching skills and foster student engagement.
Assessment and Evaluation
This pillar involves the development and implementation of effective assessment strategies to evaluate student learning outcomes. Our team provides support to faculty members as they design valid and reliable assessments, such as exams, projects, presentations, and a variety of alternate and authentic assessments. We also support the use of assessment results as feedback for continuous improvement.
Educational Technology Integration
With the growing importance of technology in education, this pillar focuses on integrating educational technology into teaching and learning processes. Our team explores and recommends appropriate tools, platforms, and software applications to enhance the learning experience. We support faculty members in effectively utilizing technology for online learning, in-class learning, blended learning, and other instructional delivery modes.
Professional Development
This pillar centers around the professional growth and development of faculty members and teaching staff. Our team offers professional development opportunities, including workshops, seminars, conferences, and communities of practice. We promote ongoing learning, encourage reflective teaching practices, facilitate the sharing of best practices among faculty members, and help with the assembly and presentation of teaching dossiers, awards applications, etc.
Indigenous Approaches to Teaching and Learning
This pillar addresses Indigenous Curriculum Support and Development. In accordance with the release of the Truth and Reconciliation 94 Calls to Action in 2015 and Lakehead’s commitment to reconciliation, we recognize that education is a key part of reconciliation. Through workshops and one-on-one or group consultations, we support faculty and staff in relation to both Indigenous content and the Indigenization of the curriculum. We also work with faculty and staff to help create learning environments in which Indigenous students feel safe to contribute their input to help ensure the curriculum is in keeping with Indigenous worldviews.For more information about the Indigenous Content Requirement please visit the Indigenous Content Requirement webpage .

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