Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management (MScMgt) program is designed for students with degrees in business and related fields to prepare for careers which involve undertaking, managing, overseeing, and using research.

Students in this program will gain an advanced knowledge of theoretical and conceptual components of the management disciplines and develop their abilities to independently undertake original research within the domain of management disciplines. Students will also develop research related skills and work to understand, practice, and examine ethical considerations in management research. The program achieves these goals through intensive and stimulating seminars, energetic class discussions, research assignments, and a research project/thesis supervised by our qualified faculty.



The MScMgt consists of three and one-half full-course equivalents (seven half-courses), plus a two-part research project (one and one-half full-course equivalents) for a total of 5 FCE's. Core courses will focus on the following topics:

  • Management Theory
  • Research Methods
  • Quantitative Analysis in Management
  • Current Issues in Management

For a complete list of courses, please view the Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Business Administration in the Lakehead University's Academic Calendar.

Research Areas

Research Areas

Students will be required to conduct a research project in fulfillment of their MScMgt degree. Research will typically take place within one of the following discipline area established at the school.

Information Systems

Topics include theory, technology, and application of management information systems to revitalize business processes, conduct electronic commerce/business, improve business decision-making, facilitate collaboration, and initiate knowledge management.

Operations Management

Topics include logistical efficiencies, quality control, manufacturing and service production, enterprise resource planning, and capacity planning.

Marketing Management

Topics include research analysis, advertising account and sales management, public relations, product development, inventory and distribution control.

Financial Management

Topics include money and banking, capital markets, investments, and financial analysis, and public sector finance.

Human Resource Management

Topics include training and development, labor relations, benefits management, and policy development.

Financial and Management Accounting

Topics include financial accounting, auditing, and controllership.

Students will have to complete a thesis or research project, the topic of which will be chosen in consultation with their supervisor. To understand each of these research areas in more depth, please view the Research that is conducted by our faculty members.

Program Delivery

Program Delivery

The MScMgt program is offered on a full-time basis (1 year) and part-time basis (3 years).



1. An undergraduate Degree in Business
2. A GMAT Score
3. Proof of English Language (if necessary)
4. Current CV
5. A statement of research intent
6. 3 References (preferred academic)

For more official and specific language regarding the admission requirements, please visit the most recent calendar entry for the program. Please note that meeting the minimum program requirements does not guarantee admission. This is a competitive program in which students must be able to demonstrate strong writing skills and research ability.

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