Masters of Business Administration

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at Lakehead University is designed to prepare students for a successful career in the business world. The primary goals of the program are to develop the analytical decision-making and communication skills and to expand students’ knowledge of effective management practice while instilling a professional and responsible attitude toward business.

We offer two MBA program options:

  1. The MBA is a 12–month (3 terms, full time) general degree designed to prepare students for success in a wide range of careers in management.
  2. The MBA with Advanced Studies in Management is a 16-month (4 terms, full time) degree that enables students to supplement the core MBA content with specialized courses in a range of areas.

We also offer a Part-Time MBA, with online classes.

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In order to improve the business skill of a wide variety of student backgrounds, the MBA program is general and has no specific major. It provides exposure to key management concepts and practices in the areas of business, including:

  • Information Systems
  • Operations Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Law
  • Management Accounting Information and Decisions
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Managerial Finance
  • Contemporary Issues in Organizations
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business
  • Organizational Behaviour
Program Delivery

Program Delivery

The MBA program is offered on a full-time basis (12 month general, 16 month Advanced Studies) and part-time basis (3 years).

Tuition is based on your citizenship status and program choice and can be determined here:

Eligibility and Admission Requirements

Eligibility and Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • 4 year-degree (or equivalent) with a minimum 70% (This is Lakehead's grading scheme. Your GPA will be assessed and converted by Graduate Studies. Depending on your school, this may be a B-, or second class upper).
  • English Proficiency (as per university regulations)
  • GMAT (min. 500) or GRE (min 300)
  • Current CV
  • Statement of Intent
  • Emails of 3 references (academic strongly preferred)


Applicants who receive a conditional offer to the MBA program and do not have a GMAT/GRE score can apply to our Business Skills Development Program, which includes six modules over the spring/summer, in lieu of writing the GMAT/GRE.

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