Business Analytics and Information Systems

In today's world, information systems and operations management are critical to every organization's success. The Business Analytics and Information Systems courses provide students with quantitative analytical techniques, application of state-of-art technology, and strong business foundations. Students will develop an understanding of the role of information technology and operations in organizations and throughout supply chains, and will learn how they can jointly affect the performance of organizations. Students will also acquire skills to integrate information technology with various business processes, and to manage product and service in the supply chain.

Information Systems is concerned with the use of emerging information technologies in business organizations. Particular focus in on the analysis, design and use of computer-based technologies in support of day-to-day operations. You will acquire an in-depth understanding of the business applications of information systems in a world increasingly dominated by e-commerce.

Career Opportunities

A wide range of possible careers that combine business and technological know-how are available to Information Systems majors. While the primary goal of the Information Systems program is to prepare students for senior level positions like systems analyst and information systems manager, a variety of other opportunities exist, including database administrator, security analyst, PC support specialist programmer/analyst, programmer, system administrator, technical writer, web programmer and webmaster. These and other more broadly defined positions that make use of the business/technology mix lead to careers in small and large businesses, consulting firms, government agencies, and other public institutions.

Professional Certifications Available After Graduation

Students that major in Information Systems take courses that can help them prepare for various professional designations. While not directed toward any specific certifications, much of the practical course content takes into consideration the requirements of both vendor and non-vendor specific designations. With some additional effort, you may successfully challenge most of the relevant exams. Accordingly, you are encouraged to independently investigate and actively pursue such certification.

Requirements for Information Systems Major

Please see the Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems Major) listing in the Lakehead University Course Calendar.

There is also a Minor in Information Systems available to Honours Bachelor of Commerce students.

Information Systems and Business Analytics Discipline Members

Isaam Dawood

Michael Dohan

Shikui Wu

Hui Zhang (Coordinator)

Zikun Zhang