Student Affairs

Welcome to Student Affairs

Whether you're a prospective student wanting to learn more about studies at Lakehead or whether you're a current student, a parent, an employer seeking information on co-operative learning opportunities or an interested community member, we are here to help you find the necessary information.

At Lakehead University, you'll find that we are committed to a student-centred learning environment, and the Offices of Student Affairs are a core support network that helps guide you throughout your university career. We encourage you to seek out the different ways we can help you succeed an meet your goals!

Our Commitment to Students

To provide a transformative university experience that is far from ordinary.

To facilitate the success of learners.

Our Values:
As Student Affairs professionals we aspire to exceptional services, and we value...

Learners: Recognizing all individuals as unique learners

Inclusiveness: Promoting and creating an environment that embraces diversity and in which all feel welcomed, accepted, and respected

Dignity: Treating every individual with dignity and respect

Integrity: Upholding academic integrity with the highest ethical standards and conduct

Collaboration: Working in partnership with the larger University community and beyond to carry out our mission

Innovation: Embracing change, while encouraging creative and forward-looking solutions to enhance services and programming