Resources for Parents

At Lakehead University, parents are viewed not only as members of the Lakehead family but also as partners in their student's educational process. Parents play an important role in assisting students make decisions about their university education and in offering ongoing support throughout their academic career.

Often a student will first turn to you for help in finding solutions to questions or problems. We know you will be pleased with the quality and uniqueness of our academic programs and will quickly recognize the benefits of our mid-size and personal University community. All of our students have personal, quality contact with many of their professors and easy access to labs and facilities - two factors which are very important for a positive learning experience. As well, our student-centred environment makes it easy for students to find friends, supports, clubs, and activities that will "round out" their university years.

As the parent of a university student, it may be that you will have some questions and concerns:

  • Are they in the right program?
  • Do they have enough money?
  • What happens if they get sick or need help?

These are valid concerns and Lakehead University prides itself on its student support network. We have many services that are here for the asking to support and guide our students whenever and wherever needed.

Students are not the only beneficiaries of a university education. Parents also have many opportunities to take part in the university experience. We would be pleased to see you take an interest in Lakehead either through participation in our cultural, academic or athletic events or as a volunteer in a variety of capacities.