Maintenance and Services

Our Maintenance and Services group is responsible for the general maintenance of buildings and infrastructure on campus. They are dedicated to provide a safe and comfortable learning and teaching experience.  

For Any, 

  • Maintenance or repairs between 8:30am to 4:30pm please call 343-8010, 8273
  • Afterhours issues call Security at 343-8010, 8569
  • Non-urgent issues, Submit Request here.
  • Elevator issues call Security at 343-8010, 8569 

For all other general department inquiries please call 343-8010, 8209 

The Physical Plant provides a number of services and are summarized below.  Click on a department for more information.

Building Maintenance Department: lock repairs, signage, keys, doors not closing/locking, window issues – broken, does not open/close

Electrical Department: service interruptions – no power, fire alarms, emergency lighting

Grounds Department: lawn maintenance, snow and ice removal

Housekeeping Department: liquid spills, sweeping/mopping/vacuuming, garbage collection

Mechanical Department: all water related problems, plumbing, heating/cooling issues

Shipping and Receiving: receive packages delivered to the University, delivery within campus grounds 

Other: vandalism/damage, pest control

 Requisition for Non-Maintenance Expenditure (RFNME)

 A RFNME is required for upgrades and additions to university buildings, grounds, equipment and furniture. The RFNME is generated because of the client's desire for improvements or changes. These requests are considered billable and require the completion of a Requisitions for Non-Maintenance Expenditure form, complete with budget code and appropriate signatures. Minor projects include departmental requests for changes to buildings, space or the campus grounds. Examples include adding or modifying electrical outlets, plumbing, built-in cabinetry, lighting changes, remodeling classrooms, offices or labs, removing or adding walls, installing specialized equipment, or landscaping improvements such as benches/gardens.

 To request a RFNME fill out the below form and email it to

RFNME Pre-Estimate Approval

*Please note that only this form will be accepted.  

Unauthorized Work

All maintenance work or renovation projects on campus must be approved in advance and coordinated through Physical Plant. The performance of unauthorized work may lead to cutting or interrupting services (e.g. heating/cooling lines or power supply), which can have disastrous effects to ongoing research. All of the University's facilities are more complex than they appear. Steam lines, computer cables, power lines, chemical hood vent ducts, fire alarm wiring, and other systems are often concealed and not readily identifiable.