Snow / Ice Clearing Priorities

Main Campus: 955 Oliver Road

The snow Removal Priority Map prioritizes the areas of snow and ice removal in order to address both safety and the needs of the greatest number of people as possible on campus. This map acts as a guide for the Grounds crew however each storm is addressed based on the conditions at the time.

The areas of snow clearance priority on the map are completed assuming we are experiencing normal conditions. Available staff and equipment are scheduled, assigned and reassigned to achieve the best possible results a conditions dictate. When extreme weather condition are experienced the ability to progress through the priority areas is reduced. These extremes include large amounts of snowfall, continuous snowfall, extended periods of snowfall, heavy snow, drifting snow, ice accumulations or other emergencies.


Conditions are monitored 24 hours a day either by Physical Plant, Campus Security and / or Contractors. Weather forecasts of Environment Canada are utilized for the decision making process.


- Main Roads and Emergency Routes: passable at all times;

- Parking Lots: passable at all times;

- Walkways Priority 1: passable at all times when the campus is open

- Walkways Priority 2: passable after Priority 1 areas are complete;

- Walkways and Other Areas Priority 3: passable as time permits following storms;

- Emergency Exits: will be treated with the same priority as the area they exit to;

- Fire Hydrants and Standpipes: reachable by emergency crews;

- Emergency Phones: accessible;

- Accessible Parking Spaces: as clear as possible; cleared in the same priority of the parking       lot they are in;

- Some walkways are not maintained in the winter

- Paths and trails without a paved surface are not maintained in winter

PACI & Tungsten

Snow and ice is cleared by contractors to a standard of passable when the campus is open.


Snow is cleared in the most proactive way possible as soon as possible after the storm (an also during a continuous storm which produces large accumulation of snow). Most clearing is complete prior to 24 hours after a storm has ended.


During normal business hours:

Physical Plant Administration 807-343-8010, 8273, or Submit a Request

Services Supervisor - 807-343-8010, 8968 or

Outside normal business hours, or in case of emergency:

Campus Security 807-343-8569 or 807-343-8010, 8911

 Snow Removal Map 

John Deere 310J

Doorways/Sidewalks to be cleared listed in order of priority/efficiency.

All Campus Sidewalks, doorways, entrances, ramps, driveways, bike paths, loading zones, rinks, lakes, transformers, hydrants, etc. 

Main Bldgs. Interior


  1. Parking meter (handicap) sidewalk

  2. Bus stop sidewalk

  3. U.C. Agora/Rose garden area

  4. B.B./University Center security area

  5. Security to Library sidewalk

  6. Library, BB (BBQ-Picnic table area)

  7. Library to CRSE (CNFER) /RC sidewalk (yellow posts)

  8. Tunnel sidewalk- NOSM (yellow posts)

  9. Ryan Bldg. main entrance and sidewalk

10. Ryan Bldg. East ent. and sidewalk

11. Braun Bldg. (2 sidewalks)                      

12. School of Nursing sidewalk

13. SN sidewalk, SN main entrance

14. NOSM (2 Sidewalks)

15. ATAC (2 sidewalks and main entrance)


16.D-Wing (BB Loading zone)                   

17. SN Bus Stop

18. NOSM loading zone

19. ATAC to Overpass walk

20. ATAC to Lot 9 walk

21. ATAC East walkway and punch out to lot R10, ATAC Loading Zone

22. ATAC to Library Loading Zone walkway

23. Tunnel Entrance sidewalk

24. Library Punch outs (2) to Lot R11

25. CNFER and RC Bike rack area

26. CNFER to Lot 14 punch out (yellow Posts)

27. Cafeteria, Aramark sidewalk

28. Fac. Lounge to Lot 14 sidewalk

29. Fac. Lounge to Lakeside Concourse area

30. Lakeside Concourse

31. Fieldhouse and Hanger- all doorways, ramps, sidewalk- Fieldhouse to footbridge

32. Arboretum and greenhouse- all entrances and sidewalks

33. MVA main entrance

34. MNA to Lot 8

35. Bora Laskin sidewalks, entrances

36. BL to Overpass walkway

37. BL to Balmoral walkway

38. BL to Oliver Rd. walkway

39. Balmoral Bike path (city) (TransCanada Trail)

40. Beverly entrance (Trans Canada Trail) to Library

41. Building Main. To Avila/1294 Balmoral

42. Apt North to Avila Path

43. Phase 1 to Apt. south path (crusher fines)

44. College Bike Path (TransCanada trail)

45. Residence paths and entrances

46. Avila Front entrance

47. Avila ramps (rear) and walkways


48.Hangar access (C cans on pad)

49. Sweat Lodge

50. Woodsman area

51. Sawmill

52. Res rink

53. Lake Tamblyn 

Kubota Blower                                             

Doorways/Sidewalks to be cleared listed in order of priority/efficiency.

All pathways, sidewalks/entrances, bike paths, ramps, concourses


 1. Field house and hangar walks and entrances.

 2. Pathway to Lakeside concourse stairs/pits

 3. From concourse to all residence main paths

 4. Building Maintenance to Avila/1294 Balmoral

 5. Residence to Main Campus

 6. Sidewalks Main campus

 7. Parking Meters Sidewalk

 8. D wing

 9. Pathways to Music Visual Arts/entrances

10. Pathway to Bora Laskin/entrances

11. Pathway Bora Laskin to Balmoral

12. Pathway Bora Laskin to Oliver Road

13. Print Shop

14. Library/Ryan Bldg./Tunnel door

15. Beverly Walkway

16. Balmoral Street Center

17. Avila-Alumni/Physical Plant


18. Centennial Building loading zone/power house area                                                       

19. Centennial Building/Greenhouse Arboretum area.

20. Centennial Building NRM building/Fire Lab area

21. Avila west ramps, doors and sidewalks

22. Townhouses

23. Path to College

24. Emergency exits to all buildings (Residence, Arboretum (CB), Fieldhouse/Hanger, BSC,            BL, Library, Ryan,)

25. Fire Hydrants/Shutoff valves/Stand pipes (Field House/Hanger, Prettie Health Ctr., Braun          Bldg., D Wing, BL, BSC, etc.)

PRIORITY #3                                              

26. Transformers (Fieldhouse, Hanger, Prettie, Entrance to Ph. II,     BSC, 1294 Balmoral,

       etc.)/Emergency telephones BB across from RC, SN/BB Loading zone, MS

27. BL Gas Meters, PH Gas Meter, BB Chiller, Fire Lab path to oven shack

28. Residence Rink

29. Lake Tamblyn

Assist in all areas as required.

White Truck/Main Campus Area

Doorways/Sidewalks to be cleared listed in order of priority/efficiency.

Clear snow and ice from doorway entrances, ramps, and sidewalks such that access is enabled.  Sanding/Salting of same.

Inner Campus Area:


 1.  Residence Handicap Units

 2.  Health Services Prettie Residence and ramps.

 3.  SN/Med School entrances & ramps.

 4.  Agora Stairs, pathway and entrance. 

 5.  Regional Center South entrance and accessibility ramp

 6.  U/C entrance adjacent to security, Steps and Accessibility Ramp.

 7.  Braun Bldg. entrance across from security and Accessibility Ramp.

 8.  Regional Center entrance (pub)

 9.  Library entrance and accessibility ramp

10. BB entrance and accessibility ramp


11. Main entrance and stairs

12. President’s Balcony

13. Pits 

White Truck/Main Campus Area


14. Metal stairs

15. Ryan building main entrances

16. BB entrance NE

17. Main ATAC entrances

18. NOSM entrances

19. School of Nursing entrances. 

20. MVA entrance South

21. D Wing entrances.

22. Metal stairs to Faculty Lounge

23. Faculty Lounge entrance

24. UC Loading zone entrance

25. Doors at rear of Outpost

26. Beer Shed                                                

27. Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering & Science. (CASES) 


28. Townhouses Phase 1

29. Townhouses Phase 2


All sidewalks, bike paths, ramps, loading zones, roadways, parking lots to be sanded as required.

Doorways/Sidewalks to be cleared listed in order of priority/efficiency.

Clear snow and ice from doorway entrances, ramps, and sidewalks such that access is enabled.  Sanding/Salting of same.


  1. Main door Fieldhouse                               

  2. Hanger emergency exit, roll up                 

  3. Main door west side of Fieldhouse          

  4. Sports Medicine

  5. Daycare  

  6. Presidents door CB

  7. Green House

  8. Power House Man door                           

  9. CB Loading dock door

10. CB entrance next to Eng. Lab

11. Balmoral Street Center                            

12. Bora Laskin

13. Music Visual Arts

14. Pottery House


15. CB west entrances, Structures Lab, NRM Building, Fire Lab, DNA House.

16. 1294 Balmoral (if not done)               

17. Avila                                                                                      

18. Parking Lot Stairs

19. LU Radio

20. Phase III, Doorways, sidewalks

21. Start from beginning and insure all additional doorways and emergency exits are clear