Shipping and Receiving

Shipping Office:



Hours of Operations: 
  • Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm
  • Closed for Statutory & Civic Holidays
  • Closed for University Closures (i.e. Wellness Days)

This area is responsible for:

  • Receives goods shipped to campus and delivers to the various departments.
  • Office moves between buildings.  Please call Physical Plant at 343-8010, 8273 or Submit Request to arrange your move.

If you have any questions about a package that you’ve ordered please call 343-8010, 8214


When ordering items, please address them as follows

Your Name & Building-Room#


874 Tungsten St.

Thunder Bay, On P7B 6J3  

 *If limited for space, Building & Room # &/or Dept will be fine


  WEIGHT:            Max of 2,500lbs

 DIMENSIONS:    Max Door – 7’10” x 7’10 or 7’10” x 6’10”

 *Depending on size &/or weight, delivery to campus location may not be possible by the Lakehead University Shipping Department.  You may have to contact an outside moving company.  Please call the Physical Plant at 807-343-8010, 8273 to make arrangements and/or received guidance on how to proceed.


 -          Anything under 5’7” x 7’ &/or 2,500lbs

                 *Our truck does not support anything larger/heavier than this  


 -          Doorway | Entryway widths

 -          Elevator widths, heights & weight capacity

 -          Logistics on how it will actually get to your location (will the item have enough space to be maneuvered into your                    space)

 If you are expecting larger items or skids, please inform the Shipping Department and provide the following information. 

 -          Vendor Name

 -          Country from which it is coming from

 -          How many items are in the shipment

 -          Weight of items 

-          Where is it to be delivered to (Department, building-room # 

-          Tracking # if possible    


If your shipment is over 2,500lbs & 7’ 10” x 7’10 or 7’10” x 6’10” contact the Physical Plant for guidance.

 807-343-8010, 8209 or