Work Orders

Ways To Submit A Work Order


Phone: 343-8273

Work Order Requests

To help us respond to your issues we divide your service requests into two categories, Work Order requests and Requisitions for Non-Maintenance Expenditure (RFNME). If you are not sure which category your issue falls into, please call the Work Order desk for clarification or see the example below.

Maintenance Work Order Requests

These should be reported to the Physical Plant at 343-8273 or Repairs to keep Lakehead facilities and services in proper working condition are considered maintenance work orders. 

Requisitions for Non-Maintenance Expenditures (RFNME)

A RFNME is required for upgrades and additions to university buildings, grounds, equipment and furniture. The RFNME is generated because of the client's desire for improvements or changes. These requests are considered billable and require the completion of a Requisitions for Non-Maintenance Expenditure form, complete with budget code and appropriate signatures. Minor projects include departmental requests for changes to buildings, space or the campus grounds. Examples include adding or modifying electrical outlets, plumbing, built-in cabinetry, lighting changes, remodeling classrooms, offices or labs, removing or adding walls, installing specialized equipment, or landscaping improvements such as benches/gardens.

See below for examples between a Maintenance Work Order and an RFNME

Maintenance Work Order

  • Electrical outlet or lights not working
  • Broken window
  • Sweeping, mopping, spills
  • Shoveling, garbage clean-up around campus
  • Leaking taps or toilet not working


  • Additional electrical outlets or lights
  • Renovation or alteration of space
  • Installation of whiteboards/bulletin boards, shelving
  • Banner hanging
  • Connection of Research equipment to building systems


To request a RFNME fill out the below form and email your request to .