Physical Plant

Lakehead University Physical Plant operates, maintains and builds the physical assets of the University and provides quality customer oriented services that support the needs of the University community.

When to contact the Physical Plant

  • Smells - sewer, gas, burning, smoke, fuel, chemical - Call Security IMMEDIATELY - 343-8010, 8569
  • Burnt out light bulbs
  • No toilet paper, soap or a broken dispenser
  • Icy patches
  • Blown breaker
  • Clogged toilet
  • Spills - coffee, water
  • Leaky faucet, toilet
  • Room too hot/cold
  • Windows/Doors - broken, will not open/close
  • *Broken or damaged key/swipe card or lock
  • **Furniture/Office Moves

*To request a key please fill out the form found here, Key Request.  Attach the completed form with your work order request, Submit a Request.

**When submitting a work order for an office move, please consider the following.

  • Remove all items from the furniture that is being moved, empty file cabinets, shelves, drawers, and desk/table tops
  • Clearly label the item(s) that is to be moved and where these items are to be relocated
  • Small items are to be boxed up and labelled.  Physical Plant does not provide boxes, labels or packing tape
  • In your work order request please indicate where the furniture is to be moved from and to
  • The requestor is responsible for dissembling any furniture prior to moving.  Physical Plant no longer disassembles furniture due to lack of available resources.  Any furniture that can not be moved through doorways safely will not be moved
  • The requestor is responsible for assembling any new or existing furniture.  Physical Plant no longer assembles furniture due to lack of available resources.

Access changes to Buildings/Campus Spaces

All requested changes to normal access hours for buildings or campus spaces will require the requestor to contact Security and provide the details of the access change request in writing, including reason for the request, access details, times, and dates.

 Once the request has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate authorizing group, only approved access change requests will be sent by Security to Physical Plant.

 To expedite the process, please ensure prior to submitting any requests for access changes, the appropriate authorizing group has reviewed the proposed change in advance.

 Complete this form and email Security with your request.

Request for Maintenance

Click here to submit a Work Order for Maintenance Services.

For emergency situations and cleaning services;

  • Call 343-8010, 8273 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.
  • After hours, contact Security at 343-8010, 8569

Requisition for Non-Maintenance Expenditure (RFNME)

For request outside regular maintenance please fill out the below form.

RFNME Pre-Estimate Approval

*Please note that only this form will be accepted.