Promotion Criteria for Technical Staff

Promotion Criteria and Application Process

Technical staff will become eligible for promotion to a higher classification level as they gain experience and demonstrate the capacity for increasing responsibility through technical, professional and personal growth and development. The top technical rank (level D) is reserved for persons who have attained a high level of skills and experience commensurate with the specialized work they perform. The position description for all levels of technical positions indicating duties, responsibilities, education and experience are available in the Office of Human Resources.

The criteria used to evaluate applications for promotion include:

  1. Job Performance: 
    Candidates must demonstrate effective performance in the area of their position responsibilities and duties.
    The annual performance appraisal report must be completed prior to the promotion meeting.

  2. Technical Experience: 
    Candidates must have a certain number of years of pertinent experience before they are eligible for advancement. The education and experience level required for each technical level is noted on the Minimum Qualifications for Promotional Considerations grid.

  3. Academic Achievement: 
    Academic achievement is demonstrated by academic degrees or diplomas, academic awards, scholarly distinctions and certificates.

  4. Technical Expertise: 
    Technical expertise is authoritative knowledge and ability in a specific job related area. A candidate's technical expertise is often indicated by the degree to which he/she is consulted by others for advice and assistance in a particular field.

  5. Contributions to the Department: 
    This consists of active and constructive participation in the affairs of the department and may include such matters as committee work, preparation of reports and participation in special department projects.

  6. Professional Development: 
    Professional development refers to the growth, enrichment and increased value that result from continuing studies in areas of expertise and from participation in workshops, seminars and professional or technical associations.

  7. Demonstrated Potential: 
    Candidates should be considered likely to continue to fulfill a vital role in support of departmental teaching, research and administrative activities and to develop and extend their technical, professional and academic expertise.

  8. Support: 
    Candidates should provide letters of reference, teaching evaluations (if applicable),annual performance appraisals, etc. to endorse their application. Letters of references should speak to the performance of and their experience with the candidate, which may come from immediate supervisor(s), colleagues, students, external affiliations, etc.

Note: Recipients of the promotion application are excluded from supplying letters of support.

Application Process

Applicants for promotion shall submit three (3) copies of those materials which a candidate wishes to use to support his/her application, to the Departmental Chair/School Director, Director of Human Resources and Faculty Dean by April 1st. The candidate must satisfy the minimum education and relevant years of experience as indicated on the Minimum Qualifications for Promotion Considerations grid prior to submission.

To receive favourable consideration, an applicant for promotion requires the support of both the department and the Dean.

The Director of Human Resources will set up a meeting by May 1st with the applicant’s Departmental Chair/School Director and Faculty Dean to review the application for promotion.

Candidates who apply for promotion to Level B & C may be asked to meet with the Director of Human Resources, Departmental Chair/School Director and Faculty Dean to clarify the documents submitted. No presentation is required.

Candidates who apply for promotion to Level D will be required to meet with the Director of Human Resources, Departmental Chair/School Director and Faculty Dean to explain the application. No presentation is required.

After the meeting, the Dean shall notify the applicant in writing of the result of the promotion meeting. If successful, the promotion will become effective July 1st . If not successful, the Dean shall provide the applicant with recommendations for achieving promotion in the future.

Compensatory adjustment shall be a minimum of one Career Development Increment (CDI). If the increase does not place the candidate within the range of the next salary level they will be moved to the floor of the next level. The compensatory adjustment will be in addition to any CDI entitlement granted based on the previous year’s performance.

Minimum Qualifications for Promotional Consideration

Click here to view the Technical Staff - Minimum Qualifications for Promotional Considerations Grid.