Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility


  • Varian Unity Inova
  • 11.8 T 51mm bore Oxford Magnet
  • 1H-19F/15N-31P 5 mm PFG Switchable probe
  • 15-31P 10mm Broadband Probe with low 29si background
  • SUN Ultra 5 with Solaris
  • Varian VNMR 6.1c
  • SPARCStation IPX Workstation with Felix2D, Bruker UXNmr Software

The instrument is located in a dedicated laboratory (CB0012c) which is equipped with an instrument grade HVAC system.

Student Training

Chemistry students who demonstrate high academic standards are typically offered an opportunity to learn skills in the operation of the NMR Spectrometer. Training is done by Michael Sorokopud of the L.U. Instrumentation Lab and academic supervisors.

NMR Theory of Operations

NMR Theory of Operations